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This year, why not go for something with an edge of extra originality at Christmas time and truly surprise your friends, family and children with a remarkable gift that they will cherish forever and certainly never forget! Let our talented team of tech savvy Elves create a FREE Santa video message - a Santa video for kids, toddlers (or even you) that will really bring the legend of Father Christmas to life!  show more

Clumsy the Elf

For 1, 2, 3 or more children Elfi

For grown-up


Santa’s House

For 1, 2, 3 or more children

Elf dance

For 1, 2, 3 or more children
60 days for return
We promise only 2 simple steps to get a return. You can ask for it anytime within 60 days without giving any reason. All you have to do is send us e-mail with the withdrawal (from the contract) and we will send your money back. No technicality or hidden costs.
Delivery within 2 hours
Your video message from Santa Claus will be in your inbox at 10:55 (15.08.2018) if you order and pay for it now.
Safe payment
On the Elfi website you can settle your payment by choosing well known and secure leading payments lie PayU, Visa, PayPal and many others.

SSL certificate
Elfi website has SSL implemented, which provide secure connections. What does it mean? Your personal data, uploaded pictures, and credit card numbers are secured by a special code that guarantees noone can read it or copy it. All the date are used only for processing you order.
Frequently Asked Questions
When will I receive my video?

Your Santa Claus video should be delivered to your e-mail address no later than within 3 hours from receipt of your payment. The above refers to quick online payments. When payment is made by traditional bank transfer, it can take up to 7 working days.  After that time, please check your inbox or log into your account. If you still can’t find the link to your video, please follow these steps:

a) Please check your email address – you should find all the details about delivering your video in a data preview.

b) Is your e-mail address correct? – please write in your e-mail’s search box „video from Santa Claus”; some domains put our mails straight into spam or the advertising offer folder.

c) Let us know if you still are not able to find an e-mail from us – write to us at [email protected]

Can I order one joint video for two children?

Yes, this option is now available. To order a video for siblings,  please select the Joint Video option.


What is the difference between the single and the joint version?

The single version is addressed to one child. The joint version refers to two or more children. In the joint version, you will find exactly the same content as in the single except some differences in particular films.

Will I get a DVD with my video?

Unfortunately, we don't provide this service. You will receive your video in the form of a link delivered to your e-mail address. After downloading the file, you will be able to record it on a CD or DVD yourself. Please find below a description of that process.

My child's name is not on the list, what should I do?

Check if the name you are looking for is not listed in another variation, e.g. in a diminutive form, etc. If the name you need is really not on the list, please add it through the form (next to the name list) so that we can add it to our database in the future and let Santa reach all children with his message!

Are the photos and information I've added to the video confidential?

Photos and any other information are used exclusively by our application to create a video message and are not exploited in any way or stored for other purposes. We do not share that information even with our staff.  The recipient of the message won’t know them either.  Our staff do not check the content of your video messages or letters unless you send us a request to do so.

Can I edit my video after the order has been placed?

You can edit your video anytime (except changing a name of a recipient). Please log into your account and press “edit”. You can change the photos and other information in the video many times.

The video is not playing on my computer, what can I do?

 If the video is not playing, you probably don't have the right codec packs or the latest Flash version installed on your device. To display the video correctly, please use the links below:

Adobe Flash link

Codec pack link

Video player link

How can I record my video on a CD/DVD or other media?

To record the video on a disk, you will need: 

1.  A computer with a CD or DVD burner 
2.  A blank CD or DVD disk 

 After downloading the video on your computer: 

3. Insert a blank disk into the burner. 
4. Click on My Computer and open the CD/DVD disk folder. 
5. Drag the video file into the open CD/DVD disk window
6. Follow the instructions on your screen. 

Refunds & complaints
brilliant, ingenious!!!! My son loved every minute of it!!! Funny, mysterious, magical all the way through. Customer service superb as well!!!Dominika


Create your 100% personalised video message from Santa Claus and surprise your child with this most amazing gift this Christmas. Join thousands of satisfied parents and bring your child even more unforgettable happiness. A video can be personalised in 5 minutes by adding basic information and pictures from your PC or Facebook. Santa and his elves will take care of the rest. How does it work? In just a few minutes you can create a video message for your child, which will be delivered to you as a link to your e-mail, with a photo of your child, photo of his or her letter to Santa, and much more. Thanks to this your video message will be 100% unique. You can download the video and keep it forever! Add a greeting by choosing your child’s name from the list and Santa will greet your child by name straight from his office.

Personalisation: How can you make your video message one-of-a-kind? Add to the video: name of the addressee, Santa’s recommendation, photo of the addressee, a general remark, photo of a gift, any chosen photo, photo of house/flat, age, good/bad (behaviour) and many more.

Delivery: you will receive your video in your inbox within 2 hours!



How exciting would it be, either on Christmas Day or in the build up to the big day, to receive a call from Santa himself? Imagine the look of joy and amazement on the face of your children when they get a one-on-one video call from Santa! Unfortunately, Santa needs to ensure the happiness of millions and millions of children all over the world, and whilst every effort is made to make sure each child will get a call from Santa, sometimes Santa may be too busy – or you may not even be by the phone – to receive that magical Santa Claus video call. In this case, Santa will record a personalised video message so to make sure your child does not miss their Christmas greeting message. So what are you waiting for? Purchase now to send a personalized call or video from Santa to your child in time for Christmas morning.

 (*Please note: your ‘video call’ will be delivered in the format of a recorded message, via email)




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