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Create a letter from Santa Claus in three simple steps

Astonish your children, nieces and nephews, or even your colleagues, close friends and loved ones with the unique and magical gift of a personal letter from Santa. A Santa letter can be a fun and exciting gift for anyone ranging from young kids to grown-ups of all groups. Just imagine the look of joy on your child's face when they receive their spellbinding letter from Lapland! This light-hearted and fun loving gesture that you can offer your colleagues and other grown-up friends and family members will certainly be appreciate. A uniquely wonderful surprise during the countdown to Christmas.

What makes our letter special?
  • Only we provide Santa's hand-pressed gold stamp
  • The child's name at the beginning of the letter
  • 28 ready letter templates NEW FOR 2016!
  • Ability to edit the letter contents fully
  • Lots of fantastic additions
  • We ship to anywhere in the world
Just £3.99
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A preview of how the letter from Santa will look when it arrives through the postYour child's nameAdd your own P.S.Edit the letter contents freelyHand-pressed gold stamp
Each child gets a certificate to prove Santa has acknowledged that they have been nice this year
Chief Elf sends your child a postcard so they can be no argument where the letter came fromA complimentary door sticker is provided to make sure Santa does not miss your house when delivering presents
Your letter from Santa comes in this glossy red envelope with Santa's very own personal stamp
* Additions available in the GOLD version

How to order a personalised Santa letter?

 Select the letter's contents more ›
 Enter the addressee's name at the beginning of the letter, e.g. Dear Peter
 Add something from yourself at the end (optional).
 Don't know what to write? more ›
Learn the amazing history of letters from Santa ›
IMPORTANT: When can I expect my letter to be delivered? more ›
All the letters delivered after 22.12.16 will be shipped after 01.01.17. Santa Claus needs a break as well :)

If you don't want to wait for a delivery, you can buy a video from Santa Claus that will be sent to you in just a few minutes. Click HERE ›Close x
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Select the type of your letter
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best christmas gift ever!!! Our child was so exicited he kept on asking how Santa really knows all these things about him. Great idea!Veronica, 01.09.2015, London

100% guarantee

If you change your mind within 60-day from purchase, you can request a refund and we will transfer 100% of the amount paid back to your account, no questions asked. We mean it.

How to create a letter?After choosing one of the templates you can edit it as you wish, writing directly on the letter. You can add something at the end or delete the whole letter and hand-write your own.
Important! It's not possible to copy and paste text from your computer. You can only write your text directly on our website.
Our suggestions:1. Praise from a teacher
e.g. Miss Smith said you were doing great at school!

2. Mention the hobby
e.g. I can see you've made a lot of progress at football!

3. Holiday memory
e.g. PS I've heard that you were at the seaside this year and really loved it!
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