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Letter from Santa

Santa Letters direct from the North Pole!

What makes our letter special?
  • Only we provide Santa's hand-pressed gold stamp
  • The child's name at the beginning of the letter
  • 28 ready letter templates NEW FOR 2017!
  • Ability to edit the letter contents fully
  • Lots of fantastic additions
  • We ship to anywhere in the world
Just £3.99
Offer expires soon!
End of the offer 
A preview of how the letter from Santa will look when it arrives through the postYour child's nameAdd your own P.S.Edit the letter contents freelyHand-pressed gold stamp
Each child gets a certificate to prove Santa has acknowledged that they have been nice this year
Chief Elf sends your child a postcard so they can be no argument where the letter came fromA complimentary door sticker is provided to make sure Santa does not miss your house when delivering presents
Your letter from Santa comes in this glossy red envelope with Santa's very own personal stamp
* Additions available in the GOLD version

How to order a personalised Santa letter?

 Select the letter's contents more ›
 Enter the addressee's name at the beginning of the letter, e.g. Dear Peter
 Add something from yourself at the end (optional).
 Don't know what to write? more ›
Learn the amazing history of letters from Santa ›
orGOLD Letter
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Select the version of your letter:

contents of standard letter
contents of gold letter
Letter from SantaNice Child DiplomaPostcard from Elfi‘Stop, we’re waiting, Santa’ stickerSTANDARD envelopeGOLD envelope
Select the type of your letter:
Select the type of your letter
Enter the child's details:
Santa will send the letter to this address:
Fill in the red fields
All fields completed
Your data is safe
ATTENTION: All of the ordered letters will be sent after 1.11.2017.
Why choose Elfi?


best christmas gift ever!!! Our child was so exicited he kept on asking how Santa really knows all these things about him. Great idea!Veronica, 01.09.2015, London

100% guarantee

If you change your mind within 60-day from purchase, you can request a refund and we will transfer 100% of the amount paid back to your account, no questions asked. We mean it.

How to create a letter?After choosing one of the templates you can edit it as you wish, writing directly on the letter. You can add something at the end or delete the whole letter and hand-write your own.
Important! It's not possible to copy and paste text from your computer. You can only write your text directly on our website.
Our suggestions:1. Praise from a teacher
e.g. Miss Smith said you were doing great at school!

2. Mention the hobby
e.g. I can see you've made a lot of progress at football!

3. Holiday memory
e.g. PS I've heard that you were at the seaside this year and really loved it!
60 days for return
You can ask for refund for a video anytime within 60 days without giving any reason.
Delivery within 2 hours
Your video will be ready within 2 hours. It will be delivered in a link on your e-mail. You can also access it from your personal account.
Safe payment
Thanks to the SSL certificate your data are 100% safe and will be used only for processing your video message.
Frequently Asked Questions
When will my letter arrive?

Your letter should reach you within 10 working days from receipt of your payment. After that time, please check your inbox or log into your account and check the shipping status. You will receive an e-mail from us with confirmation after your letter has been posted. If you haven't received your letter after that time, please send us an e-mail.

Can the letter be sent abroad?

Yes, we post letters to all countries in the world. While placing your order, please select the country where you wish your letter to be posted to.  Additional cost will be added if you choose your shipping abroad. Please find details in Shipping.

Can I order one joint letter for two children or e.g. an entire school year?

We don't have group message templates for letters, but you can change the contents yourself and adjust them to several addressees.

What exactly will I receive when I order a letter from Santa?

You will receive a personal letter from Santa Claus addressed directly to your child or another person for whom it was ordered. The letter is printed on thick decorative paper with an original graphic design and Santa's golden stamp. It all comes in a beautiful Christmas envelope. On the top of the envelope, you’ll find a big Polish Post Office stamp and smaller colourful stamp

Why hasn't my letter arrived yet?

If after 10 working days from receipt your payment your letter still hasn't arrived, please contact us. You should have confirmation of payment sent to your e-mail from our service. There can be a few reasons it occurs:

a) the date of payment confirmation -  the confirmation date of your money transfer can differ from the day you settled the bill. Various banks count that time differently and it can take even up to 7 working days.

b) your payment was declined because of some payment errors. Please check your payment status in your account.

c) missing data – if in your order there are some missing empty fields, we cannot send the letter. We will try to contact you by e-mail or by phone to fix it.

d) the Polish Post Office let us down  – please contact us so we can send the letter again without any additional costs.

Will my letter arrive before Christmas?

We accept orders up to the 14th of December to ensure that all letters arrive on time. If you want the recipient to get the letter no later than 6 December,  please place your order before the 28th of November.

Has my order been accepted?

As soon as your order has been placed, we will send you an e-mail with confirmation. This means that the order has been accepted. You can also check it on your account.

Has my payment reached your account?

As soon as your payment has been received, we will send you an e-mail with payment confirmation. You can also check it on your account.

Can I change the letter after placing the order?

Yes. All changes of the letter’s content can be done through your account but only before we confirm your payment. Then your letter will be produced by our elves and put into an envelope. Because of that, you can no longer change it.

Can the letter be returned?

Yes. If your child or the person for whom the Santa letter was ordered is not completely delighted with our letter, you will have 60 days from receipt of payment to send the letter back with a signed and filled withdrawal of contract to get 100% of the amount you paid back, no questions asked. Your money will be sent no later than 14 days from the date of receiving your withdrawal.

Is my personal data safe?

Yes. The safety of your personal data is one of our priorities. We don't sell or use your data for any purpose other than specified in our Terms and Conditions. Your data are highly protected in our service and used only to prepare your order. No one has an access to them, even our staff. The recipient of the gift will also not know who sent the present, that way you can give an anonymous gift.

Our staff do not check the content of your letter/s. They do it only at your request to correct grammatical mistakes after receiving an e-mail from you.

Where are the letters posted from?

All letters, with the consent of Santa Claus, are posted from Warsaw so that they can reach their addressees around the world and on other continents even faster.

Why does the letter have no tracking number?

All letters are our priority. However, due to technical issues, we do not offer letters to be sent priority, which means that your letter won’t have a tracking number. We cooperate with the Polish Post Office, which guarantees us on time delivery.

What is the total cost of the letter?

All prices are given next to the letters. Shipping costs vary from the chosen shipping area of the world. You can find it on the Price List.

Refunds & complaints

Astonish your child, nieces and nephews, or even your colleagues, close friends and loved ones with the unique and magical gift of a personal letter from Santa Claus. Father Christmas letters can be a fun and exciting gift for anyone ranging from young kids to grown-ups of all groups. Just imagine the look of joy on your child's face when they receive their spellbinding Santa letter from Lapland! This light-hearted and fun loving gesture that you can offer your colleagues and other grown-up friends and family members will certainly be appreciate. Our Santa reply letters are a uniquely wonderful surprise during the countdown to Christmas for everyone.

Of course, whomever you send your personalized letter from Santa to is bound to smile when they receive that mysterious Christmas letter from Santa through the post. A letter that they would never have expected in a million years! As secret friends of the most magical man in the North Pole, we have direct access to the one and only Santa Claus himself which means we can provide you with a personalised Santa letter just as you want it. What could be better than FREE Santa letters direct from the great man himself?

A free letter from Santa sent to your house!

Whether are you looking for an unusual corporate gift to surprise your clients with on a cold December morning, or even a fully personalized Santa video which will truly bring the magic of Christmas to life for any child, we can provide any number of exclusively personalized Santa letters and gifts for each and every one of your friends and family - with no two messages the same and each Santa video or letter as unique as an individual snowflake!

So why not spread some love, joy, peace and happiness this year, something heartwarmingly different which only a letter from Santa Claus can provide!

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