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You Can Feel the Christmas Spirit Year Round


It is really easy, after the presents have been opened and the tree has been taken down, to lose your Christmas spirit. If you want to enjoy Christmas spirit all year long, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you feel the joy and love of Christmastime each month of the year.

Try a New Craft

While you can craft all year long, most people only craft around the holidays. To enjoy the Christmas spirit throughout the whole year, try picking up a new hobby to attempt. When you share the fruits of your labour with friends and family members, you are sure to brighten their day with homemade gifts.

Remember What You Have

It seems very easy to be thankful for the things you have around the holidays, but trying to be appreciative all year long will help you feel significantly happier. Try to say “I’m so thankful for…” in lieu of “I want to have…” and you’ll immediately notice a change in your demeanour.

Become More Involved

While there aren’t opportunities during the rest the year to head up a tree-lighting committee or take part in the Christmas parade, being involved in your community you will give you positive feelings. Consider joining cleanup crews or becoming more involved in community activities to enjoy the Christmas spirit of togetherness.


It seems really easy to prioritise around Christmas, but the rest of the year it’s difficult to remember what is most important because of all of the different activities trying to get your attention. By remembering what really matters and spending more time on that task for with those people, you will make the most of each day.

Give to Charity

Charity organisations need your help all year long, not just around the holidays. Consider donating needed items on a monthly basis, giving money to organisations that need donations, and even serving meals at local soup kitchens.

Be Kind to Strangers

When you are filled with a Christmas spirit, it’s easy to be kind to strangers. Treating other people with the same kindness throughout the rest of the year is a great way to enjoy the Christmas spirit all year long. This is especially true when someone is unkind to you.

Look for the Good in Others and Around You

Finding things that you are thankful for and the good that surrounds you is a great way to feel the same sense of wonder and appreciation that you do at Christmas. By being aware of good parts of your day as well as things that you appreciate about other people, you can easily keep the spirit of Christmas alive throughout the year.

Around the holidays, you tend to spend more time and money trying to be kind to your family, make the holidays enjoyable and memorable, and spread cheer. Remember: you only get one family, and keeping the Christmas spirit alive every day of the year is a wonderful way to celebrate the people in your life and the love you have for them.

Keep the Kids On Their Toes!

The power of Santa Claus is not to be belittled, so why not put this to good use. Send a personal letter from Santa or a video message recording if you wish, and use these to ensure your little ones stay in good behaviour for the rest of the year (Santa is always on hand to help parents!).

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