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Santa's Diary


Ooh! Aaah!

We had a great night of fireworks last night. Oh how fun it was to see all those colourful lights filling the night sky. At one point it was so bright that Elfi, who was sleeping under the stairs as usual, thought it was morning already! A show like that doesn’t happen too often so I took a break from replying to letters – but, don’t worry, I’m back at it now...


Working out

I’m about ready to collapse! I’ve been practising getting in and out of chimneys all day – you’ve no idea how hard it is (especially when you have a belly like mine!). The elves made me practice and practise, probably a thousand times, and said if I don’t get quicker, there’ll be no more after-dinner cookies for me. Can you believe that?! I promised I won’t disappoint anyone but please don’t take my treats away from me!
Yesterday the elves and I got more than a thousand gifts ready, and I’ve prepared a special message for each and every one of you – I can’t wait to see your faces!



After a hard day's work replying to all the letters to Santa, I decided to take a few days off. I thought long and hard about where to go. I just knew there had to be mountains, snow and warm milk with cookies. In the end, I went to visit my friend, who lives up in the mountains in the south of France. On the first day there, we went skiing. What an exciting time that was. Next day, I went shopping and got myself a beautiful new coat, obviously in red. But in the evening, I couldn't help myself and started replying to your letters. After all, all children look forward to a letter from Santa. I also recorded a few videos. I will add them to my special, personalised Video from Santa to Children soon. Your jaws will drop to the floor when you see what Rudolph has been getting up to this year. I was rolling on the floor laughing. But that's enough for now, you'll see everything in my special message from Santa, which I will send just before Christmas.


Playing in the snow

It snowed really heavily today, I could barely open the door to our hut. There was too much to dig through and the elves couldn’t get the last batch of letters to me. Fortunately Rudolph and his friend Bigfoot helped us by stomping down the snow blocking the doorway. As soon as we made it outside, the elves started a snowball fight – how fun it was! I managed to film some of it so you might see a clip in my special video message. When the game was over, we all had some warm milk and cookies (well, Rudolph had hay and sugar). Then I stayed up replying to letters so don’t worry I’ll definitely reply to yours soon...

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