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Santa Claus from Laponia - Who is Santa?

Santa Claus from Laponia

There is one character you love children. It is a Santa Claus.

In the culture of our country Santa Claus is very well known to all the older person in glasses with a long gray beard, dark coat finished in white fur, with a big bag of presents for well-behaved children.

But perhaps Santa Claus was born in a rich family in the ancient city of paterze Lyncji (district located on the territory of Turkey). He was a bishop, and was renowned for his kindness, helping others, even the poorest, after spending the entire family fortune to charity.

Santa Claus is a legendary character. Present in our culture for over 1,800 years is a symbol of goodness, kindness and generosity. This is his legend concerns associated with using poor. Santa Claus came because of a wealthy family. While inheriting the legacy of their dead parents, he decided to give away all the property poorest, leaving nothing for himself. Then the people of Myra, which came from and where he lived, found that it was he who should be their bishop.

Who is he?

Santa Claus we know today is dressed in a red dress with white elements. During distributes Christmas gifts to children sledge team of reindeer (of which the most famous is without a doubt Rudolf the Red-). Santa Claus population of Lapland (or North Pole, depending on the application) with his wife and elves, who are his helpers. Throughout the year, they produce toys in big Santa Claus toy factory. Santa Claus knows perfectly well that the children were well behaved and which are not. It has a special list and rewards good children gifts, naughty and brings a rod, or a piece of coal, or nothing at all. Santa Claus is undoubtedly a very busy Holy, although niektózy might say that only works jednąnoc a year. During the night oblatuje but the whole world and looks into every home where children live. It brings them presents.

Thanks very efficient promotion and advertising, afforded mainly by big companies, almost completely replaced it in the popular consciousness the traditional image of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra. Name day of St. Nicholas is celebrated on December 6th, and he distributes gifts on Christmas Eve, one day before Christmas. While in his own name-gives us small gifts and leaves them in shoes, socks hanging near the fireplace or under the pillow, it puts on the eve of gifts under the tree carefully when the kids are not looking, or when sleeping. Most often enters the home through the chimney, but do not worry – not having a chimney surely find its way to all the well-behaved children.

Today, Santa Claus remains a symbol of kindness, generosity and kindness that is shown through their mutual gift of a Christmas gifts. When we think about the presents, one of the first things that come to mind is precisely the older man with a kindly smile, wearing a red doublet and glide through the sky in his sleigh, pulled by a team of reindeer. Santa Claus is not only a symbol of Christmas – is deeply rooted symbol of gifts, reciprocal self-giving them and be polite.

Nowadays, children write letters to Santa Claus, write letters to the one who bestows the gifts. Thanks to him, receive little things, they can enjoy the amazing gifts every year!
Letter to Santa often arises with their parents, they give tips on what to write, how should address. But sometimes, and parents have no idea, do not know how to write such a letter or form for the first time. But this is not a problem. Just search the Internet for a letter to Santa template! There are a lot, so we can customize a letter to Santa Claus pattern to the age and sex of the child, his tastes and skills. But such letters children learn in kindergarten! It often originates in a letter to St. Nicholas, who later receive parents and their kids shoving their beloved toys. In the end, such a letter to Santa Claus, it is not easy, you only need to encourage the child to convince. Internet search engine by typing in a letter to St. Nicholas Church, we find a number of hints, tips, advice from other parents. Thanks a letter to Santa Claus does not cause any problems to anyone! In the end, they write letters to Santa everyone, regardless of wiek1 let’s not children of this pleasure, Let us write letters to Santa Clause with him! Let him know that if he really wanted, deeply believed that the gift will receive. Let us write letters to Santa Claus with his colleagues. Let this be enormous fun for everyone!

Who among us as a child did not write a letter to Santa? I suspect that such people are few. It is a tradition, which we all remember that adheres to many people that is passed from mouth to mouth. Therefore, children in the twenty-first century, despite a PC, laptop, smartphone and many other devices to successfully write still list. They are colorful, sometimes extremely sad, poignant messages that arrive later to parents, carers and consequently to Santa Claus. Many of these letters shows small toys, gifts that these children want to symbolically. Many children want peace, parents, solving problems and not necessarily a toy. This Santa Claus is unfortunately not able to help. That is why parents are so eager to persuade children to know their desires, needs to see what every day they fail to see what children, in their innocence, hide in itself.

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