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How to Say Santa Claus in 10 Different Languages


Call him Santa Claus, Jolly-Old Saint Nick or anything else you like, he’s still that same holly-jolly guy who makes Christmas the best time of the whole year! Taking to the skies on a magical sleigh-ride to deliver toys and treats to millions of kids worldwide, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a huge dose of Santa Claus!

Just be sure you get your letters to him as early as possible – especially if you’d like to receive a personal reply from the big guy himself!

Wherever you live in the world, the magic of Christmas really is unbeatable. But what about Santa Claus himself? Say you were a kid in a county like Spain or Russia, what would you call Santa Claus in your own country?

The short answer – it doesn’t really matter what you call him, just as long as you do! Get in touch with Santa with a letter to the north pole during the year and you can rest assured he won’t forget about you!

But just to show how children all over the world wait for a slightly different chap to pay them a visit each Christmas, here’s how to say Santa Claus in 10 different languages:

How Do You Say Santa Claus In German?

Home to some of the most gorgeous Christmas markets in the world, German children call Santa Claus ‘Weihnachtsmann’, which means Christmas Man.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Italian?

Famed for the kinds of Christmas feasts that never seem to end, Italian children call Santa Claus ‘Babbo Natale’.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Portuguese?

While it’s rare to experience a white Christmas in Portugal, kids across the country still wait for a visit from ‘Pai Natal’.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In French?

Over the water in France, children write their letters every year to ‘Père Noël’, which translates literally as Father Christmas.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Chinese?

Going by a slightly less festive name, Santa Claus is referred to as ‘Dun Che Lao Ren’ which when translated comes out as Christmas Old Man.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Finnish?

Many Finnish children are guaranteed a White Christmas every year, which culminates in a visit from Santa Claus – aka ‘Joulupukki’.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Japanese?

Over in Japan, Santa Claus is worshipped as a god or priest bearing gifts who goes by the name of ‘Hoteiosho’.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Russian?

Focusing somewhat more on the weather than the occasion itself, the official name for the Russian Santa Claus is ‘Ded Moroz’ which means Grandfather Frost.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Turkish?

Turkish children often enjoy warm and sunny Christmas days, with gifts delivered courtesy of ‘Noel Baba’.

How Do You Say Santa Claus In Norwegian?

Last but not least, kids in Norway await their annual visit not from Santa Claus as we know him, but from ‘Julenissen’ the Christmas gnome!

For more information on how to contact Santa Claus directly at any time of year, get in touch with a member of the Elfi support team today.

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