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Use your Groupon voucher for your Santa letter or video purchase

How to use your Groupon voucher?

How to complete the transaction:  add 1 video to your basket.

A video from Santa Claus
Choose a kind of voucher exactly like the one in Groupon: for a single child, or for a group

To make a proper purchase you will need:
-  a photo of your child
- any type of picture of you: home, a friend, vacation, etc.
- a picture/ a scan of the letter to the Santa Claus , or a given thing your child would to get as a gift

Purchase process:
1. Proceed to order
2. Choose the version of the Santa Claus video you would like to buy (single or for sibling)
3. Personalize your video even more by following the steps
4. In the basket you will find a Discount Code: put here the one send by Groupon and press the OK button; then, go to payment section  and place your order.

Video: Make sure if you have bought a single video, or for siblings
Voucher: place the code AFTER adding the item to the basket


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