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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories, which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients. They really warm our hearts.

Thank you!
Your feedback (42025):
  Very disappointing !!!! We did not receive the letter
  Jeanne, 11.03.2020, Zurich   
Elfi’s response:Hi Jeanne, thank you for letting us know. If you didn't receive the letter, please visit send us back a withdrawal document to [email protected] to receive your money back. Kind regards, Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Margaret, 23.02.2020, cambridge   
  Finally got the video on Christmas Eve, I have an android phone, but couldn't get past the photo part. Eventually, using an iphone, it was successful.The result was truly magical and my Granddaughters were mesmerised with it. So worth the money and would buy again and highly recommend. Thank you.
  Boobylisciouse!, 06.01.2020   
  The quality of pictures was horrendous. Very disappointed. Especially that I paid extra for better quality!
  Karolina Giejgalo, 01.01.2020   
  Really amazing service. The kiddos love it! Also the parents.
  Leonardo, 31.12.2019   
  Very professional, prompt and sufficient services. Highly recommended!
  Magdalena Sobczyk, 31.12.2019   
  Bought this for my children and have to say this has made our childrens Christmas magical. They watched it over and over in amazement.... Thank you too all the team at elfi. I highly recommend this and just watch your child's face as they see themselves on screen.... once again thank you and hope you have an awesome and very happy new year...I will be back next year to purchase another.
  andy clive, 29.12.2019   
  Absolutely brilliant! I bought this last year for my daughter and knew I wanted to do the same this year. The video is amazing and so worth the money. My daughter's face lights up when she see's her pictures and hears what santa says. Will continue to buy this for many years to come.
  Rachel Carter, 29.12.2019   
  Absolutely beautiful boys were amazed it would be really great if you could type in special messages but there is good variety available.
  Mary, 29.12.2019   
  Amazing!Our children were totally amazed!I'll definitely recommend it to everyone.A perfect gift to keep the Christmas' sparkThank you!
  Maite Carretero, 28.12.2019   
  Wel happy 😊 kid loved it very real wil be doing it again next year Ho Ho Ho 🎅🏼
  Barry miah, 28.12.2019   
  Made my day to see my grandchildren watching your video. They were totally convinced that this is the 'real Santa'.
  Grace, 28.12.2019   
  We been using elfi for 4 years now. Normally I would give 5 stars, sadly this year the quality was lacking. Santa bread slipped in a few scenes and luckily my kids didn't notice. We will keep this tradition alive, but more slip up in production will most likely mean our kids may not believe as long.
  JP Lott, 27.12.2019   
  I purchased a letter on November 30th. This company withdrew the money immediately. I'm still waiting for the letter. It's now December 27th! What a scam. The only way the company will refund the money is to fill out their refund form. Only problem is, the form will not scan or anything!! There's no possible way to fill it out. It will cost way to much to ship the form by mail. That they will never receive. BUYER BEWARE.
  Melissa, 27.12.2019   
  Amazing video !!!But unfortunately didn’t have my daughters name...So was trying to send them missing name emails but no response...Overall my daughter enjoyed it
  Ilze Wahla, 27.12.2019   
  Grandchildren loved the video and it's so personnel to them so easy to do delivered in a couple of hours would definitely recommend getting one this is our 2nd one got one last year
  Catherine, 26.12.2019   
  You are the best
  Marius Mandea, 25.12.2019   
  What a beautiful video. Turned out so great. The kids were in awe and kept talking about it all day. They showed their video to family members. Beautifuly done and not quick and done as others. I highly recommend getting this video for the little ones. Thank you Elfi!
  Daria Piczak, 25.12.2019   
  My Granddaughter received the letter today and absolutely loved it thank you for making a little 6 year old girl extra happy for Christmas
  Tamar Hall, 23.12.2019   
  Santa was amazing! So kind and gentle. There was no rush inside with him and you could take as many pictures as you like!
  Ciara Cusack, 22.12.2019   
  Production is great. Only negatives I have is that you can't preview before editing. Processing time is longer than expected and download takes hours and doesn't always work. Website could be a little more user friendly. On a positive note, children love this and really do believe it's real.
  Fiona Moss Keppie, 22.12.2019   
  Recently had the pleasure of purchasing a personalised Santa video for my kids from Elfi website. It was quite simply magical. Due to my own error initially , I omitted the names of one of my children. I emailed the company and they rectified it immediately for me at no extra cost. I was delighted but more importantly my children's faces looks looking at the video .. pure magical bliss !!
  Shane ONeill, 21.12.2019   
  Have made one three years in a row and the kids absolutely love it, getting to be a tradition watching while decorating gingerbread houses and biscuits
  Cheryl Duncan, 21.12.2019   
  For the third time we invited Elfi to ours house❤️.Fantastic video and suprice for kids.Worth every penny! Amazing customer service after my mistake.Thank you Elfi and see you next year!
  ANIA KOMASINSKA, 21.12.2019   
  HD viewing, amazing how it was done. I have recommended this site .
  Angela Taylor, 20.12.2019   
  Purchased this for my grandsons, they were absolutely mesmerized and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to end. This is a major achievement as the boys are 2 x 7 year olds and 1 x 6 year old. Very much like the night before Christmas, not a creature was stirring whilst they sat still and watched to
  Yvonne Porter, 19.12.2019   
  The video message I ordered for the kids is awesome and they'll love it for sure.
  Alexandru Manoila, 18.12.2019   
  Our video was absolutely magical my little girl loved it - I loved it thank you so much xx
  Dee rose, 16.12.2019   
  Very good my grandson was amazed
  Martin O Dwyer, 16.12.2019   
  The video is of great quality and well worth the money. My one complaint though would be why would you put the company logo at the end of the film? This is for children from Santa. No one wants their kid asking what/who elfi is.
  Michael, 16.12.2019   
  Dreadful experience. Bought a voucher on WOWCHER to make a video for my grandson.Voucher wouldn’t work - some computer glitch their end - took over a week, by which time he had gone home. Very disappointing.Hopeless.
  Brenda Randell, 16.12.2019   
  Brilliant video, very realistic, quick, efficient service. Fabulous start to my daughters Christmas
  Jo Slaney, 14.12.2019   
  Excellent, good quality, perfect for 4yr old. Would recommend, thank you.
  avril, 14.12.2019   
  It is now the 14th December and I have been trying for weeks to access this video without success. After contacting the site, I was told my child's name would be available after the 2nd of December, then told it would be mid December. Its still not showing! I can't understand what the problem is tbh. Can't recommend with this bad service.
  Boobylisciouse!, 14.12.2019   
  Fabulous surprise for my 5 year old .great value for money x
  Eimear Okeeffe, 14.12.2019   
  Slashing video .Our kids will really enjoy tgem
  ger finn, 12.12.2019   
  My children were jumping with joy and they really believed Santa can see our kitchen (this is where I took the photo of our place). They bacame all the sudden such a good eaters! ;)
  Anna Bartlett, 12.12.2019   
  absolutely fantastic, premium quality video and ready in only a couple of hours, my Grandsons were overwhelmed and you can keep it forever...100% recommendThank you...Merry Christmas
  Brian Chatfield, 10.12.2019   
  Once again, delivered a video of excellent quality, 3rd year purchasing and still is magical for my daughter, highly recommend
  Eater, 06.12.2019   
  I have ordered letter and Movie 3rd time my kids LOVE IT!! Thanks to you they believe more!!! I will continue until they will believe!
  Monika, 06.12.2019   
  Thank you fantastic idea xx
  Anna, 06.12.2019   
  This is the 2nd year i have used this site to make a video for my granddaughter. X
  Joanne Rodaway, 06.12.2019   
  This is 1 of the best things I have ever seen and bought, my daughter will be in her element when she gets to see this message from Santa this weekend.Excellent design & message that it deliveries.
  tony, 06.12.2019   
  Absolutely fantastic. GREAT quality, the kids loved it
  Based in Spain, 04.12.2019   
  Love it 😍!!!!!
  Sylwia, 04.12.2019   
  Great video!Kids love that!really while family enjoy to watch.Thank you.
  Agatha Bawor, 04.12.2019   
  First time customer with this company and very delighted with the product. Will certainly use again when required.
  Patricia Fryer, 02.12.2019   
  Wonderful christmas message! I really loved it and my son was flabbergasted. Absolutely amazing and definitely worth every penny :)
  Maddison Allen, 02.12.2019, birmingham   
  Got the santa message for my 6y.o little boy and I love it. Definitely worth the money, cant wait to see his little face :)
  Maddison, 02.12.2019, birmingham   
  Didn't know fully what to expect, but the video was more than we imagined. Fantastically put together, can't wait to show our daughter, we know she is going to love it. Thank you Elfi Merry Christmas Stuart, Lisa & Alyssa x
  Stuart Kelly, 01.12.2019, Pontypridd   
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