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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories, which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients. They really warm our hearts.

Thank you!
Your feedback (47695):
  Thank you very much for the fast and high-quality service. Video message from Santa Claus has been a great and very important event for our family, especially for our little one, who believes in miracle and is dreaming about meeting Saint Nick in person one day. He was so excited to peek into Santa's cozy and magic cottage: it was a breathtaking virtual journey full of surprises.
  Dina Ksenofontova, 26.01.2021   
  I used this site as a back up plan, my son is 5 years old and when he received his video from Santa he was so surprised his reaction was great. Thanks for speedy turnaround.
  Lara Hobbs, 02.01.2021   
  It truly a magical experience for all of us especially for the children, who due to the pandemic could not visit Santa and his elves in his grotto. The children loved every moment of the video calls booked for father christmas and the elves. As a parent, I would highly recommend it as an alternative way to keep the magic alive within themselves. I hope to see more of this magical experience in the future.
  dreena, 02.01.2021   
  Absolutely amazing! So magical for children and a brilliant price! My daughter absolutely loved it and so did I! Would definitely recommend!
  Rachel Carter, 01.01.2021   
  I have ordered Santa videos for my grandchildren for quite a few years now, they are always very excited on receiving them. I wasn’t taken with the 2020 video. On viewing it didn’t seem to allow for a photo of the carefully prepared Santa letter to be shown, or a photo of the children’s home where Santa is to deliver the goods. These are most important things for little ones. I went back to a video from a previous year. The videos are all along similar lines, but of course that is exactly what is needed. Seeing their photographs, the letters they took such care to write/draw/colour, their home, a photo of their loved ones all in Santa’s possession is so exciting for young children. This video from a previous year, was excellent , the slightly older children did not remember having seen it a few years before, but they had been quite young at the time. The children were so excited about the video they had just seen, I ordered the Christmas Eve one as well. It was perfect, excellent bedtime viewing for the night Santa was due to call!One of the first excited comments on Christmas morning was “I saw that, I saw that on the video last night!” Referring to a toy, a photograph of which had been displayed on the video! This comment came from a slightly older child, who sadly is beginning to have doubts. She had examined the photograph of the lounge on the first video very carefully, thankfully the photograph had only recently been taken, I hadn’t used an older image, which might not have been exactly correct in every detail. My verdict, well done Elfi. On the whole excellent videos. Well worth the money for the enjoyment they brought to my grandchildren & for definitely helping the slightly older one enjoy another year of Santa magic.
  Pat, 01.01.2021   
  Easy to create, reasonably priced and the kids loved it. Thanks ? ?
  Tony Cullen, 31.12.2020   
  It was amazing the video!My son was very excited and happy to see Santa talking with him!And that know so many thinks about him.??
  CRACT Adrian, 31.12.2020   
  Wonderful video that brought lots of magic to our Christmas. In a year when Santa's Grottos were cancelled due to covid, these 8 minutes brought excitement and joy to our little ones faces.
  dawn rawson, 31.12.2020   
  The video from Santa was impressive and my son was in awe! He watched it twice!! Everything looked so magical and real...the family photos and messages were put together beautifully and we all enjoyed the video as a family on xmas eve! Thanks so much for adding a dash of magic to our Xmas. We will be back next year...
  DIKSHA MEHRA BARIA, 31.12.2020   
  The videos represent Magical stories forKids and adults alike! Delivered within just a few hours providing exceptional customer service. I liked how the videos can be edited even once created to modify pictures. 2 suggestions for improvement :1) Family photos should be displayed in bigger screen size and for longer to allow the kids to soak in the experience of seeing themselves in Santa’s home. The photo album pic was too small in size and disappointing.2) Names were not pronounced correctly for both my kids which madeThem not believe in the whole concept - “how come Santa doesn’t know how to say our names?”. I have submitted family members names to be included as they’re missing - would have liked to create videos for them but as they didn’t get included in the list , couldn’t create videos for them.
  Sim, 31.12.2020   
  This is a professionally made, beautiful video. My children loved it and got very excited about Santa's message.Thank you very muchZeynep
  Zeynep Shorthouse, 31.12.2020   
  I did a video of Santa’s house for my daughter and she apsolutely Love it .Was the best gift for Christmas she said.We are very happy and will do it again next year .??
  Lea Cattleya, 31.12.2020   
  Thank you very much the video was wonderful Of course I will order again for next year Happy Holidays
  Aggeliki Dimitrioy, 31.12.2020   
  Brilliant quick and fast my daughter loved the video - thank you
  Hannah Rees, 31.12.2020   
  Excellent. The video looks really real my little girl face was unforgettable! Definitely worth of money!
  Anna Mocanu, 31.12.2020   
  Great video and helped ensure my son continued to believe in the magic!
  Barnes Mike, 30.12.2020   
  Amazing!!! The best £20 ever spent. My little boy was in shock! ‘Santa knows my name...’ Magical Beautiful and so easy to put together. Highly recommend!
  Dee, 30.12.2020   
  What an incredible idea and gift! I sent this to my nephew who is 5 and he could not believe it when he had his own written letter to Santa pop up on the screen! It was so magical to see and create this wonder of Christmas for him for years to come. The video is so well done, and I can't wait to use it again next year!
  Jonathan Crook, 30.12.2020   
  Absolutely loved our little video from santa, received on time, and my wee boys face was a picture when he saw santa had his photos and a picture of his house. Really was magical, so thank you so much, will definitely be back next year!
  Kaz, 30.12.2020   
  Children was over the moon and ai am shore will stay in their minds forever.
  manda lenuta, 30.12.2020   
  Thank you very much!! Kids was been very happy!!!
  Maze, 30.12.2020   
  Ordered my kids a video message and they were beyond blown away probably the best Christmas thing I’ve ever brought.
  Daniel Death, 30.12.2020   
  It was easy and wonderful to watch so clever you put words in for Santa to say to your child it was perfect for a child sick of COVID 19 restrictions & the worry Santa might not get to them
  Angela Dix, 30.12.2020   
  Brilliant! My three children (age 7, 4 and 2) thought this was amazing!
  Katy Ward, 30.12.2020   
  Nice. Happy New year!!!
  Cristian, 30.12.2020   
  Absolutely excellent. My daughter was so mesmerised with this. It’s very magical and so beautifully done. It’s very personal and love the way the pictures are added in which makes it extra special. Highly recommend
  Mrs Deborah Sonia Hopkins, 29.12.2020   
  My son absolutely was mesmerised with the video ,he was so so thrilled. You guys made it very special . Thank you
  Reka Orsolya, 29.12.2020   
  Fantastic service, easy to sort and really quick on delivering the video. Was sent within a few hours of ordering! My two children loved it and were amazed on Christmas Eve watching this. They couldn't wait to show relatives on Christmas Day that Santa called them. Very magical and a moment we won't forget. Price very reasonable as well for the length of video you get. More than happy
  Lisa Hall, 29.12.2020   
  You just made my daughter the happiest girl in the world. You should have seen that eyes when she heard ta called her name and how Santa manage to come in our house taking oics of our christmas decorated stairs and oh boy the fave surprise present she got.... she just loved the whole surprise.... I want her to continue on believing ....Thank you so muchMum of Lyla-Elyss
  Pinky Persand, 29.12.2020   
  My twin girls were very amazed and at the same time happy to watch the video with Santa Claus, in which their names and pictures appear!It was a unique experience for them! Thank you!
  Flavia Stein, 29.12.2020   
  My daughter and us absolutely loved the video and message. She still talks about the fact that she was on the nice list. Thank you!
  Oana Mironas, 29.12.2020   
  Excellent service brilliant product 4 year old loved it
  Stephen Fillery, 29.12.2020   
  Really good well made video with the added bit’s from us well included. My children loved it .
  Stephen, 29.12.2020   
  My granddaughter loves the letter from Santa and specially the video that was shown to her Christmas Eve very special
  Customer, 28.12.2020   
  My 5 year old son absolutely loved his video. He was a little bit sceptical at first but once Santa said his name and then showed his picture, he was blown away. I was very impressed with the speed in which the video was sent and the quality of the product. We showed it to a number of our friends and family and they all loved it. Great product and service and great value for money.
  Andrea Dias, 28.12.2020   
  So lovely! We weren’t able to visit Father Christmas this year and this really made up for it. The children were in awe. Thank you Elfi
  Jennifer, 28.12.2020   
  my boys were over the moon thankyou
  Julie cottrell, 28.12.2020   
  Ordered online providing appropriate details for our granddaughter plus 5 photographs. Relevant video supplied the same day with full download instructions.Simple load and transfer to USB stick for use on television. Excellent creation and implementation providing a superb video to celebrate first Christmas.Anticipate purchasing an updated version for 2021.
  David Field, 28.12.2020   
  The kids love this! 2nd year running we have got this. Definitely recommend it!
  Minex Patel, 28.12.2020   
  Brilliant Santa video , well made and my 5 year old granddaughter really loved it
  Paul Nichol, 27.12.2020   
  You so magical, my Kids loved you :)
  Olga Andrzejak, 27.12.2020   
  Worth every penny! My 6 year old daughter’s face lit up when she watched her video. It was over 8 minutes long and she was totally mesmerised the whole way through. Definitely buying another one next year.
  Leanne Logan, 26.12.2020   
  Brilliant - my daughter loved it and was so excited when she found out she was on the nice list ?
  sophie, 26.12.2020   
  An excellent service. Good value too.I was able to re-edit the video even after downloading the 1st version which was a pleasant surprise. I changed the photos and a bit of text to make the final video perfect. The Christmas discount made the deal even sweeter. The video was available well within the promised timescale. If you've not used this service before, I'd highly recommend it. I burned the file onto a DVD and put it in a CD case with a special printed card , posted it through the letter box (mailed from the north pole - lol). It was a nice surprise for my grand-daughter.
  adrian williams, 25.12.2020   
  Amazing. Twin 3 year old girls absolutely fascinated by the video and continually asked to see it again. Excellent value. Thank you
  Peter Johnson, 25.12.2020   
  Superb timing. Arrived this morning. Excellent service to Athens in Greece. Made a little girl VERY happy. Many thanks
  Barry Cope, 24.12.2020   
  Amazig amazing amazing,my 3 year old boy loved it that much that he keeps watching it every single day and he is still over the moon that Santa knew his name where he lives etc.Best 14 £ I have ever spend as the big shiny eyes and a big smile on my son’s face is priceless.Thank you very much and Marry Christmas x
  Petra Allison, 24.12.2020   
  I have been extremely happy with my service from Elfi. I order every year and enjoy the experience immensely! It is the perfect Christmas gift and brings so much joy to all.Thank you Elfi team.
  Karen, 23.12.2020   
  Brilliant video my children were delighted to hear santa had them on the good list and for him to have their pictures. 2nd year getting the video brilliant quality and super quick delivery to download.
  Regina Costello, 23.12.2020   
  I wasn't sure this would be worth the £10 but it definitely is! My Son is 5 and really loved it. I especially love how it let's you choose the phrases you want. Will be doing it again!
  Charlotte Cameron, 22.12.2020   
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