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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories , which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients . They really warm our hearts.

9.8/10 of (28537) reviews
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Your feedback (28537):
  This is a special gift for your young one to keep there believe in Christmas
  Stephen Thomas, 29.11.2016    
  Kids received there letters today they were over the moon thanks again x
  Leona Campbell, 28.11.2016    
  my granddaughters were amazed to see their bedrooms on the video and it made them believe that santa is watching them. only downside is that you cant choose the town that the children are from. but apart from that it was magical.
  katie fisher, 28.11.2016    
  Amazing!!! My daughter thought this was the best thing ever!! It's so magical, loved watching her little face when they say her name and her pictures come up. Really brilliant idea
  Lauren Killingback, 27.11.2016    
  This is brilliant. My children were so happy and excited when they recieved there personalised letter from Santa
  rick griffiths, 27.11.2016    
  Fantastic - it will really good. Would have liked a full demo of what video was going to be like with my photos as got them mixed up but that is my fault. Know better next time! We all loved it!
  Jackie Tancred, 27.11.2016    
  Absolutely delighted that all of my kids names where on your list. Magical message for a magical xmas. Thank you Elfie team.
  Pauline Scott, 27.11.2016    
  Lovely idea but disappointed that our grand daughter's name (Eavie) wasn't on your list. PNP does have it why not you ?
  Bobbie Thomas, 26.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: Eavie will be added soon to our name list. I emailed you. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Very good video. Kids keep watching it over and over. All loved watching it, especially the pups.
  Paul Craig, 26.11.2016    
  Wow. Cant wait for my son and daughter to see his. Certainly brings out the magic of Christmas. Thank you x
  jane Taylor, 26.11.2016    
  Brilliant and magical
  Siobhan Corbett, 26.11.2016    
  My granddaughter loved it. I thought it was great except for it not having her name (Darcy). Lovely video.
  Joanne Hughes, 26.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: Darcy will be added soon to our name list. I emailed you. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Grandson really loved video. Would recommend only doing it for one child rather than 2 together. Pictures & comments got mixed up.
  Jackie Ineson, 26.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, I have sent you an email so we can fix the problem of mixed up pictures and comments. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  It's ok. Not as good as Portable North Pole. My daughter's name was not listed (Tilly/Matilda) despite having numerous VERY obscure names, plus the beginning of the video buffered badly. Santas face seemed to move in a very different time to his words too! My daughter liked it but I will probably go back to PNP next year.
  Suzy Cranshaw, 26.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: Tilly/Matilda should be available on the name list within 2 weeks. I have contacted you. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Vicky Unsworth Unsworth, 25.11.2016    
  We couldn't get three kids on one photo so I think separate video for each child would be better. I also would rather pay the full price rather than go through wowcher which is too complicated. The actual video was still wonderful and my grandchildren loved it. Thankyou
  Joanne Sinton, 25.11.2016    
  Amelie is one of the most popular names for last few years but not on the list?
  Vincent Barreto Barreto, 25.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: Thank you for telling us, Amelie should be available on the name list within 2 weeks. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  My little nephew thought it was great, having had to sit and watch it so many times I can certainly say I have had my moneys worth. Lovely thankyou.
  sue winter, 25.11.2016    
  Magical and captivating. So excited to show this personalised video to my little ones on Christmas Eve! Extremely pleased customer.
  C Fiander, 25.11.2016    
  It was the best thing i have seen
  joseph abbott abbott, 25.11.2016    
  Start of the video buffers which is annoying considering the cost.. once it gets goin few Mins in its better..only For that i Wud of gave 5 stars
  Jo-ann Welby, 25.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: We have sent you an email so we can figure it out. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  The letter was fab - beautifully presented, arrived fast, daughter thrilled. Liked being able to amend it all instead of a stock letter with not much room to amend.
  Kerri L, 25.11.2016    
  I love this video brought it for my sons first Christmas :)
  Laura Kealey, 25.11.2016    
  Very nice:-) Very fast :-)
  Witek L, 25.11.2016    
  Hi The bits I could watch were nice, but complete version would not download
  Lesley Marl, 25.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: I have contacted you so we can fix the problem, please check your emails. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Good video but very expensive for what it was, bought through Wowcher and was very complicated as two merchants were selling the same deal at different prices
  Ingrid Rowse, 25.11.2016    
  Excellent product and kids loved it.. definitely use this again
  Julian Lindsay, 25.11.2016    
  My grandchildren absolutely love getting a video from santa. They sat open mouthed as he said their names and showed pictures x
  Mrs S Walker Walker, 25.11.2016    
  My son absolutely loved it. Really special video to keep also.
  Cass Marsh, 25.11.2016    
  Fantastic idea. My son love it. Worth every penny
  Agnieszka Pior, 24.11.2016    
  Wonderful - can't wait to send it to the grandsons in December.
  Elizabeth Myers, 24.11.2016    
  it was a good video but my grandson couldn't figure who little hero was his name is chad I tried to get you to change it but you ignored me
  jerry pixley, 24.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, I do not think we have received your email since we are trying our best to answer everyone. I have sent you an email so we can fix the problem. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Fantastic very pleased
  Debbie Hodgetts, 24.11.2016    
  My grandchildren all loved their videos and couldn't believe their eyes when they the photos they couldn't believe all the places he had been with them so this video just convinced them even more that their mummy was right and he was everywhere wonderful magical time for them thank you
  Debbie Stirling, 23.11.2016    
  Good idea however didn't have my daughters name and also the pictures were all messed up when you do three kids. They show a picture of your child when they say it's a present, it good for one child and not two or three
  Chris Pinches, 23.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, please contact us at [email protected] so we can fix the problem with your photos. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Rubbish. I still haven't received the email despite emailing Elfi numerous times
  Lorraine Douglas, 23.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: Could you please write us an email at [email protected] and tell us what is wrong with your order? Yours sincerely, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  My son loves this. He thought it was amazing that santa knew his name, age & where he lived. He keeps watching it over again!
  Tanya Gray, 22.11.2016    
  STELLA STELLA, 22.11.2016    
  Absolutely wonderful. My children were amazed. The sheer suprise on their faces when their gifts they wished for popped up and then their photo and santa actually talking to them by name! It worked a treat and they are so excoted. What a wonderful pre xmas present for any child! And the customer service fantastic x
  Victoria Murray Murray, 22.11.2016    
  Grat idea for kids. My son was very exited.truly magical !!
  Alex Dos santos, 22.11.2016    
  I love it
  Ivanka Dimitrova, 21.11.2016    
  Love this!I am saving it until Christmas Eve to show the children but I have already watched it back over and over again.This definitely puta the magic back into Christmas and I know my children are going to love it.I would highly recommend!!
  Samantha Wilkes, 21.11.2016    
  O and it will be much easy for all if we can just wright the names of the kids not to choose from a list
  Ivanka Dimitrova, 21.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: Thank you for your review, we will consider it for the next year. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Its great
  Ivanka Dimitrova, 21.11.2016    
  I love it its really magical i. Ant wait to show it to the kids
  Ivanka Dimitrova, 21.11.2016    
  Rubbish cant even put my son and daughters name in .waste of money
  katrina Smith Smith, 21.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: Santa does greet the children by their names in the videos. Please write us to [email protected] so we can solve the problem. Yours sincerely, Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Omg, this brought tears to our eyes. It was so lovely. Such a special and personal message. Totally brilliant.
  Lynn Swingle, 20.11.2016    
  Truly wonderful full of the Spirit of Christmas the grand children will love it. Fantastic can't wait to see the surprise on their faces when Santa mentions them by name.
  Graham Levett, 20.11.2016    
  Was quickly delivered. Love it . Only place I could get one written for a class. Thankyou
  Rebecca Hardcastle, 20.11.2016    
  Loved the result. Only slight negative was when I checked the names for my nieces (was going to recommend to my sister) one was not there - mae or even may
  Emma Greenaway, 20.11.2016    
Elfi’s response: Santa greets the children by their names in the max. of 3 names. For more than three children you can replace the names by a sweet name for all of them, please write at [email protected] so we can help you out. Yours sincerely, Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
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