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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories , which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients . They really warm our hearts.

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Your feedback (37234):
  Really great came quick little girl will love this. Would get one every year thanks
  Karen Catton, 13.12.2017    
  Absolutely fantastic, the children all loved getting their letters, the smiles are still there for all to see. Well worth it. Also the customer service was amazing too.
  Mark Sach, 13.12.2017    
  They were for young adults and they were very impressed
  Alan, 12.12.2017    
  Fantastic product - the integration of our photos into the video was seamless.
  Peter L, 12.12.2017    
  It really was brilliant and my 4 year old loved it!
  Ben, 12.12.2017    
  Not very impressed , videos were great but the letter had spelling mistakes , also had written in the sentences coma to be removed which obviously shouldn’t have been there .
  Lyn Mcgauley, 12.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, We print the letters the way customers edit them, before placing your order we kindly remind you to read and agree to the content of the letter. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  The smile on my 10 year old daughtes face when she read the letter. It was really worth it. Very impressed.
  Linda, 12.12.2017    
  Excellent!!! :) :)
  Ewa Hadamus, 12.12.2017    
  Amazing idea kids loved it they really believed it
  Anna Balmer, 12.12.2017    
  Brilliant x
  Joanna Williams, 12.12.2017    
  Excellent service and a magical output.
  Daryl Stevenson, 12.12.2017    
  my little grand daughter was amazed thank you so much x
  paula armstrong, 12.12.2017    
  I just wish I was 5 again and waiting for Santa like my son! Absolutely brilliant, the shock on his face was immeasurable! I did not think it was going to be this good! Amazing! Thank you so much
  Natasha, 12.12.2017    
  what a wonderful way to start Christmas,every one was in awe of the video.well done santa.
  maureen frances brearley, 12.12.2017    
  Catherine Ferrer, 12.12.2017    
  The delight on my 6yr old sons face when the letter was delivered was magical. Really good quality and worth every penny.. I will be purchasing this again next year.
  Frances Holland, 11.12.2017    
  Our daughter gave us a last minute letter for Santa, we saw Elfi and perfect solution. Great idea lovely letter and other items included she was so excited when it dropped through the letter box. Thank you so much for the speedy reply.
  Andrew Sawyer, 11.12.2017    
  Missing names still haven't been added. I was told beginning of December, any idea when Freya will be added? I've already purchased the voucher so at the moment I've wasted my money!!
  Katie Harris, 11.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, There is a short delay but all missing names will be added as soon as possible. Please accept our apologies. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Anthony Byne, 11.12.2017    
  Excellent service and idea. Our 7 year old absolutely loved it! Thank you so much
  Eluned Allen, 11.12.2017    
  Thanks so much every year you light up my little daughters Christmas your doing a fantastic job she loved her video thank you merry Christmas 🎅💕
  Faye Beggs, 11.12.2017    
  Very good
  Sandra Robinson Robinson, 11.12.2017    
  I am having trouble applying my Groupon code, I brought 2 videos 1 single and 1 siblings. I am getting quite annoyed.
  Michelle Upson, 11.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, A member of our team will contact you to assist you with your Groupon code. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Great service. Amazing video. My kids watched it many times and were very happy seeing their pictures. And the letter was amaizing together with the Certificate. Good quality on both, video and letter, nice text. I definitely will recommend this service.
  Oxana Ceban, 11.12.2017    
  My grandson and granddaughter absolutely loved this film from Santa :)
  Dawn Mannay, 10.12.2017    
  My two granddaughters loved seeing their photographs and finding out they were on the good list :)
  Dawn Mannay, 10.12.2017    
  This video was amazing. My little girl loved it. Iy was such good value for money and I would defo recommend it.
  Ella Williams, 10.12.2017    
  Amazing! Well worth it.
  Claire Keenan, 10.12.2017    
  I was so happy to get the video for my granddaughter and know she will love it. I just wish I could see her face when she watches Santa speak to her. Lovely. Thank you
  Vanessa Shute, 09.12.2017    
  I was very very happy with the video, I thought it was amazing and so did my 5 yr old son. He gasped out loud when he saw his photo. It was a really magical moment. Thank you.
  J Cooper, 09.12.2017    
  The message from Santa was amazing! My sons face was a picture 😃😉. He can’t stop watching it, thank you so much 😊. Even my elder daughter who is 11 nearly 12, thought it was magical and wonderful.
  Mrs Clark, 09.12.2017    
  Already bought one great idea.The second one code does not seem to working.
  maria Wilson, 09.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, A member of our staff will contact you as soon as possible to help you out. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  KarlyRay and Dakota loved their letters from Santa
  Barbara Mulvihill, 08.12.2017    
  I didn’t get to show my son the video. I thought the expiry date was feb 10, 2017. Not December 2, 2017. So disappointed
  Katherine MacCalman, 08.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Hi Katherine, thank you for sharing your opinion. You have used a free version of our video which has a very short expiry date and also can be opened just 3 times. Only a fully-paid product has no expiry date. All the best! Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  I loved the idea a lot but was disappointed to find the names had to be chosen from a list rather than just entering the names you want. I couldn’t get my daughter’s name. As I was doing it for her and her brother using just my dear would not have the same impact. I have requested for her name to be added to the list. Please can you let me know when the list is updated, hopefully in time for Xmas. Thanks.
  KANCHAN, 08.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, All names reported before the 7th of December are going to be added as soon as possible, otherwise if you have reported your name after this date it is unfortunately too late for this Christmas but it will be add for the next seasons. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Great idea. I just wish we can add more photos or video
  Ilons, 08.12.2017    
  My daughter was so happy to receive this letter and took it into school to show her friends and teachers, it was brill
  Karen Darby, 07.12.2017    
  I unfortunately have had not received my letter just won't work for me
  lesa hudson, 07.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, I see in our system that you have bought coupons but haven't used them yet. We will contact you to assist you to use your codes. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Last time we did this we had our daughters name but not this year????????????? Xanthe
  Andrew Beirne, 07.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Hello, Could you please report the missing names or send it to us at [email protected]? Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  My daughter was so thrilled with the letter . It was the best one i have purchased . Wished I knew about this last year .
  David, 07.12.2017    
  for my lovely grandkids xxxxxxxxxx
  [email protected] fyfe, 07.12.2017    
  I really liked it a lot but was disappointed I couldn’t get my daughter’s name. As I was doing it for her and her brother, I didn’t think it was fair to use his name but not hers. “My dears” didn’t have the same impact - I had hoped to make it more personalised for them.
  Joy Kauffmann, 07.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, Have you been reported the missing names so we can record them? Kind regards, Elfi
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  best ever greatly put together brought the belife back into my granddaughter thankyou
  BARBARA BUCKLEY, 07.12.2017    
  Great service! My grandchildren will be delighted .... even my 12year old who has now ‘worked it all out’.
  Stella Price Hughes, 07.12.2017    
  Still waiting for a name to be added. What I don't understand is that I had the same problem last year. Why isn't the still on there?????
  Grantly Butters, 07.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, Have you reported the missing name? We are going to record all the missing names within a few days and they will be soon added to our website - before Christmas. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Grandchildren loved it. Watched numerous times.
  Pam W, 06.12.2017    
  We loved it. My daughter's face when Santa said her name and showed the pictures of her, was priceless. The video was longer than expected, but a pleasant surprise. Would definitely recommend it.
  Amanda, 06.12.2017    
  What date are you adding the new names? I am looking for Luna. When can I come back to order?
  Gina Matthews, 06.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, We will record the missing names within a few days it should be soon available on our website, for sure it will be before Christmas. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Fabulous grandson loved the video
  melanie Woodward, 06.12.2017    
  It was amazing suprise to my daughter ! Thanks Elfi !
  Olivia, 06.12.2017    
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