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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories , which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients . They really warm our hearts.

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Your feedback (37234):
  Very nice video, just gave the little one another little magical experience this Christmas. a good length as well. Will probably order one next year as well !
  Agnes Bogdanova, 31.12.2017    
  Magical-My daughter lapped up every word-she was blown away when she saw her photos! She didn’t want the post her letter this year-wanted to keep it and was worried Santa wouldn’t be able to read it. This really solved the problem-thank you.
  Danny Alborough, 31.12.2017    
  The video was good my children where happy with it, but I think if Santa could of actually said the childrens name would of made it more special. As we have a video where santa did that.
  Mrs Edwards, 31.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Hi Mrs Edwards, thank you for sharing your opinion. You bought the video called "Elves Dance" where there is no option ot attaching names to a joint video. This is possible only in Santa's House and Clumsy the Elf. All the best! Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  My grand daughters loved the special video superb purchase
  Christine Guild, 31.12.2017    
  Absolutely Fantastic. So nice to keep the spirit alive. Watched over & over again to much delight. Cheers.
  P B, 31.12.2017    
  Excellent and very much appreciated. Provided that extra bit of magic. Great quality and very quick service. Highly recommended and I would not hesitate to use again. Thank you.
  Craig Hampton, 31.12.2017    
  Wonderfully magical! My four year old was truly amazed and even the 10 and 11 year olds watched in wonder! Thanks
  Alison Kelly, 31.12.2017    
  It was very lovely, my kids were absolutely trilled
  Ufuoma Ogunniyi, 31.12.2017    
  Clearly only ever any good if you pay for it. There was nothing personal about it, just the child's name.
  Kylie Gillham, 31.12.2017    
  Excellent, a new Christmas tradition!
  Lewis Woolley, 31.12.2017    
  Best Santa fun time my kids enjoy. This is the 2nd year they were so excited to get another Santa Video. Amazingly realistic!
  Kenyon Jentz, 31.12.2017    
  Really really good! Well made video . Not at all tacky Will do again next year!!!! Worth the money easy to use website although had to use computer not the app on phone
  Liv Carternator, 31.12.2017    
  Absolutely wonderful!! My 4 year old watched his santa video over and over with careful scrutiny and excitement. Best money spent all ear... thank you so much 😊
  Georgina Dunleavy, 30.12.2017    
  Such a magical and cool thing to present to the kids on Christmas morning. Their faces when their names were said, country living in and the photos popping up on things ‘only’ Santa could know. Loved it - very special and added that extra magical touch for the kids and even us adults. Thank you!
  Sabine Gilfoyle, 30.12.2017    
  Absolutely fantastic Sprinkling some extra magic at this time of year My dd.. Nearly 8 & from what I gather a lot of her classmates are already questioning the big man himself & this expertly crafted message 100% allayed her fears, she was so excited by it, showed everyone & we all enjoyed watching it... I think it even sprinkled a little Xmas magic on us adults Excellent product, Excellent service worth every penny
  Nessa Miles, 30.12.2017    
  It is wonderful the Santa's video.
  Gabriela Georgiu, 30.12.2017    
  My son was so thrilled to get his video from Santa, thank you so much.
  Nikki Vladika, 30.12.2017    
  My son enjoyed a lot Santa's video. He was watching it over and over again. Thank you!
  Diana Ghergulov, 30.12.2017    
  It was a hit with my 4 year old..Priceless to see the look on her face
  Kanch Perera, 30.12.2017    
  Absolutely brilliant! My daughters loved the video and the letter was great, I personalised it as youngest had asked a couple of questions in her letter to Santa.
  Dawn Wilson, 30.12.2017    
  Fantastic for enhancing the magic of Christmas
  James Finnigan, 30.12.2017    
  This is the second year I have purchased the video for my grandson. They are well made and personal. We all love it!
  Jackie Tancred, 30.12.2017    
  Fantastic kids loved it watched over and over with all the family truly magical thankyou
  Julie Murray, 30.12.2017    
  Lovely video the best one we've used only disappointing thing was they didn't have my son's name (Ajay) which was a bit of a let down as we had already paid for the video through Wowcher.
  Lance New, 30.12.2017    
  Loved By my girls!
  Carrie Boax, 30.12.2017    
  I lack the words to express just how wonderful this experience was for my children.... their giggles, and stares of amazement will last with me and them a whole lifetime. Thank you not for the video, but for this sweet sweet memory of their first "encounter" with Santa Claus. Thanks again and keep up the great work! ! Best wishes from Italy xx
  Christine Legault, 30.12.2017    
  The video message was great. It made a little sceptical 7 year old truely believe. She loved it and it made her feel very special.
  Sam Tedcastle, 30.12.2017    
  A little too long to keep my 2x sons (4 and 7) attention
  Emma Barnes, 30.12.2017    
  A brilliant magical film do my children. I loved it as much as them
  Lisa Davies, 30.12.2017    
  the grandchildren absolutely loved it, very well made
  john mcdonald, 30.12.2017    
  Wow! What can I say. What a great idea. My little boys reaction was priceless. "Santa knows my name and that I am 5yrs old. An I want to be a superhero! I LOVE SANTA!!! Followed by jumping up and down while sqeaking with excitment. It was so great that I then ordered a 2nd for my sons xmas eve and for my grandchildren. This is a new family tradition. Magical, wonderful, Thank you x
  Miss Cribb, 30.12.2017    
  It was really wonder full I bought it for my 5 years old she was just blowed away worth every penny thank you very much
  Bano Nabaz, 29.12.2017    
  Wonderful!..probably the best of his Christmas presents. The look in his eyes will forever be cherished. Thank you
  Ems, 29.12.2017    
  Fantastic! My stepson loved it. He was so happy Santa sent him a video and couldn't wait to show other family members.
  Charlotte Haycock, 29.12.2017    
  This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The look on our children's face will last a lifetime. It brought a tear to my eye. Thank you
  Nat, 29.12.2017    
  Bardzo fajny program, duża radość dla dzieci polecam bardzo. Realizacja błyskawiczna ☺
  ela, 29.12.2017    
  This was the first Christmas my daughter wasn't with us and I thought this was a novel way for her to know we were thinking of her. I liked the idea and was impressed with the end result. It was quick. But I will note that watching the previews highlights what you need to look for when choosing photos and phrases.
  Brenda Hepenstall, 29.12.2017    
  Lovely, beautiful and very imaginative. Our granddaughter was in awe watching all the way through, you could see her little mind ticking over thinking wow Santa really does exist! Seemed so real she has been to scared to watch it since. The only thing that was a problem my brother downloaded it on his phone after purchasing and he could not watch it (or his granddaughter) as it wasn't compatible on mobiles. Our granddaughters are both 3. But thank you we hope you bring it out again next year. As age is mentioned we won't be able to play it year after year that's the biggest downfall. But a truly great video. Thank you
  Julie Turner, 28.12.2017    
  This was the best experience ever! Certainly the best decision to make this video. The expression of both kids is unforgettable. The entire video was very well executed. Amazing Job
  Armina Watkins, 28.12.2017    
  Excellent the kids loved it and helped me out when I needed to think of something to do with the elf on the shelf Customer service was excellent as I had a problem with the names they came back to me very quickly on email
  Sunny Singh, 28.12.2017    
  lovely video, my niece and family loved it.
  Louise Coates, 28.12.2017    
  Second year in a row to get it for my daughter! I love it!
  Noemi B, 28.12.2017    
  Love the santa video but the lack of newish names ment my nephew missed out on so much more joy in his clip .. everything else was excellent
  Tracy Johnston, 28.12.2017    
  jackie cashmere, 28.12.2017    
  Good quality of video my kids love it
  sharon sonzogno, 28.12.2017    
  Excellent product and service with great customer care and satisfaction. I had a problem and they resolved the issue promptly and without hesitation.
  H S, 28.12.2017    
  My child loves it. Great value for money.
  Melissa J, 27.12.2017    
  Please slelajte version in Russian, many of my friends are unable to do the order, they are not speak English
  Irina Burova, 27.12.2017    
  Amazing!! Children are loving! me too!
  katarzyna ciesielska, 27.12.2017    
  What an amazing product. Fantastic. Money well spent
  Ree Leo, 27.12.2017    
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