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1. When will I receive my video?

Your Santa Claus video should be delivered to your e-mail address within 3 hours from receipt of your payment. The above refers to quick online payments. In the case of a traditional bank transfer, this can take up to 10 working days.

2. Can I edit my video after the order has been placed?

The message cannot be edited after the order has been placed. However, the film can be edited from the basket by selecting the option 'Edit' inside the basket BEFORE placing the order.  To change the contents of a video which has already been ordered, you need to place a new order. The previous order will be automatically cancelled if the payment is not completed. 

3. Can the letter be sent abroad?

Yes, we post letters to every country around the world. While placing your order please select the country where you wish your letter to be posted to.  

If your letter still hasn't arrived 14 working days after we received your payment, please contact us. Sometimes the postal service lets us down or there is a mistake in the address making it impossible for the letter to be delivered.

4. Has my order been accepted?

As soon as your order has been placed, we will send you an e-mail with confirmation. This means that the order has been accepted.

5. Can the letter be returned?

 If your child or the person for whom the Santa letter was ordered is not completely delighted with our letter, you have 60 days after the receipt of payment to send the letter back and we will return 100% of the amount you paid, no questions asked. The payment, (here  you're missing text)

6. Is my personal data safe?

Yes. The safety of your personal data is one of our priorities. We do not sell or use your data for any purpose other than specified in our Terms and Conditions.  

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Why can't I see a phone number?

A call centre means significant costs, which usually end up being borne by the client. As a small and new company, we prefer to keep the prices of our products affordable and concentrate on trouble-free completion of your order. Thank you for your understanding.


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