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Christmas Letters, Videos and Messages for Your Loved Ones...From Santa!


If you’re struggling to think of that perfect Christmas gift for someone special in your life…well, you’re far from in the minority!

Each and every year, it’s exactly the same story for millions of people all over the world. You want to give the kind of gift that conveys thought, sentiment and ideally some kind of message. Which can be difficult when it comes to the kinds of store-bought gifts that don’t exactly scream imagination.

Lucky for you, we’ve got the answer! How about a fabulous festive message that’s not just 100% unique, but provided personally by none other than Santa Claus himself?

Magical Messages from Santa

We can help organise the most magical Christmas message for that special someone in your life, courtesy of the big guy from his home at the North Pole.  Christmas messages for boyfriends that have been naughty, Christmas messages for girlfriends that have been nice, Christmas messages for husbands with a habit of howling ‘humbug!’ at these times of year.

Whatever it takes to bring a smile to the face of those nearest and dearest to you, we can make it happen! What’s more, as we deliver our Christmas messages to any address in the world, we can provide you with a meaningful and heartfelt Christmas message for long-distance boyfriends and girlfriends alike. Let them know exactly how you feel and what you’re thinking this Christmas, with a little help from Mr. Festive himself!

Our Christmas letters can be personalised in any way and to any extent you require, creating a magical and meaningful message for those you love. Choose from any one of our 28 templates, or get busy with your own adjustments from top to bottom.

All letters feature Santa’s authentic and exclusive hand-pressed gold seal, just in case there’s any doubt as to where it really came from! Order online and your one-of-a-kind Christmas letter can be anywhere in the world in plenty of time for Christmas.

Personalised Video Messages from Santa

Well, let’s face it – it was only ever going to be a matter of time before Santa Claus went high-tech. And he has – armed with a peppermint-powered computer and Wi-Fi connection, he’s now recording personalised video messages for adults and kids all over the world. Just like our letters from Santa, our personalised video messages can be edited and adjusted in all manner of ways.

Meaning that whoever you would like to amaze and amuse with a unique and creative gift this Christmas, we can make it happen. Best of all, as each video message is recorded immediately after ordering, you’ll be able to access and download your message in as little as 3 hours from the time you place your order! Which is pretty perfect for those who have a nasty habit of leaving things until the very last second!

Trust us when we say that you are never too old or too grumpy to feel that unmistakable sense of Christmas magic when Santa Claus reaches out to you personally.

So whoever it is you are looking to enchant and inspire this Christmas, Elfi’s personalised letters and video messages from Santa have you covered! For more information on any of our products or to discuss placing an order, our very own elves are standing by to hear from you!

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