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About us

Our history

The beginning
 We all like Santa Claus. Everybody as a child (remove comma) at least once sat at a desk with a piece of paper and flushed cheeks to create a letter (remove comma) or rather a list of requests and wishes for Christmas. Who wouldn't like to finally receive what they have been dreaming of all year round! The only problem was the continuity of correspondence. Lapland is so far away, and will Santa even be able to understand my language? And if so, will he find time to write me back?

One dream
We too, as children, asked the same questions. You couldn't even dream of finding Santa on the Internet back then. But dreaming was one thing we definitely loved to do. What if Santa, by some miracle, did write back? And! What if you could meet him face to face, even if it was only on a screen. Instead of dreaming, we decided to help Santa deal with his busy schedule by creating an official branch of his office, and to restore the belief in Christmas magic all over again. We carefully pack, stamp and check each individual letter. After all, Christmas is at stake here! This is how the personal, unique and probably the most fun letter from Santa was created. If that's not enough, we have managed to persuade Santa to take part in a new form of contact - video streaming straight from his office in Lapland. It wasn't easy: the language barrier, all those cameras at the office, negotiations with the elves, but in the end we did it, and since 2013 we have finally had a direct point of contact with our Boss! The team of elves has been appropriately trained and is ready for any challenge! There are already the first nominations for the Reindeer of the year!
Please wish us luck in our collaboration with Santa, and we will make sure that no face is missing a huge smile at Christmas!

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