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Who Are The Elves and What Do They Do?


Delivering millions of presents across the world is no easy task for Father Christmas and it is a job that would be almost impossible if it wasn’t for the thousands of little helpers that he employs to make sure this incredibly difficult task goes as smoothly as possible without leaving a single child upset or disappointed at yuletide!

So, who are these helpers and what is it that they all do?

The Christmas Elves are small yet fun loving creatures who live with Santa Claus in the North Pole and help him to get all those magical gifts ready in time for Christmas Eve when the sleigh ride begins and the presents are delivered one by one to each and every boy and girl who has been well behaved in order to make sure that they get what they truly deserve on the big day itself.

Of course, it would be an incredible task to name every single one of the magical elves that work with Santa as there are almost too many to count, but suffice to say – without the help of the Christmas Elves, Santa Claus himself just wouldn’t be able to cope! They help Santa by wrapping up the presents, putting the correct labels and addresses on the right parcels and they also bring him the letters to Santa sent by each child which contain the list of gifts that they have asked for.

Not many people know it, but these days, Santa Claus himself is now able to write personalised letters and create his very own personalised Santa videos with the extra time he has on his hands thanks to the extraordinary amount of help that the Elves provide. This means that if your children have chosen to send a letter to Santa, you can now ask him to send a reply which is directly addressed to your little boy or girl containing a unique greeting and an individual thank you which is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face!

You can request a personalised Santa letter or a very special Father Christmas video response directly on our website and thanks to our very own selection of Elf helpers, we can make sure that the reply you receive will be delivered promptly and on time without fail – long before the big day itself arrives depending on when you decide to place your order. As well as providing beautiful, heart warming videos and letters from Santa Claus for children, we are also able to supply corporate letters and Santa videos which are a perfect gift choice for employees and colleagues at the most magical time of year. Simply send us the message you would like to appear in your correspondence and we will do the rest!

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