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Where I come from - Exactly where did Santa come from?

Where I come from

The history of Santa Claus

Many children all over the world (especially around Christmas) wonder where Santa Claus is from, which way he comes from to get to their house in his magical sleigh loaded with presents and finally where their beautiful Santa letters sent out every year are delivered to. As Santa, I feel obliged to tell you my little secret and reveal where I live and where I am from.

Well, I was born a very long time ago, namely about 1700 years ago in a certain Lycian city located on the Mediterranean shore. Today, I live in a very distant corner of Finnish Lapland, where every year I sit down in my big comfy sleigh pulled by reindeer and start my journey to the homes of all good children around the world. The mysterious, frosty (but at the same time full of warmth) small town is called Rovaniemi, also known as Santa’s village all over the world, and it is my home. Obviously, it’s not by accident that I live here! The Arctic climate present in this part of Finland means that together with all the inhabitants of the region, we feel the Christmas spirit all year round. Snow squeaking under my boots tells my team of elves that it’s time to start working. The snow is also necessary for my huge sleigh to be able to take off into the air on the Christmas Eve. Apart from that, even the name Lapland contains the special magic of Christmas. So you can see that I could not live anywhere else. I must also add that a big attraction of this area is also the river Ounas, at the mouth of which my village lies.

Each year, a multitude of tourists visit us, my village is quite modest but as you can see, a bearded man in a warm red outfit, who is obviously me, is considered a great attraction. You now know where I am from. I am sure you have noticed that my village is located far away from other corners of the world. You must be wondering how I can travel such a great distance in one night and visit every child that waits for me. I hope that you will understand if that stays my magical Christmas secret which I only share with my trusted companions of my yearly, night-time journey, who are of course my reindeer. Check our section where I can sen message by video –  Santa Claus video


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