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What Time Is It at the North Pole?


One of the questions we get asked all the time about Santa and his daily duties is – what time is it at the North Pole? Right now at this second, is it daytime or night?

The answer…well, it’s a little on the complicated side if you get into the science of it all. But to put it all as simply as possible, it is in fact no time and every time at the North Pole! Or to think of it another way, it’s whatever time you want it to be!

No Official Time Zone

Confused? You’re not the only one! It all comes down to the way that the North Pole does not in fact rest within any of the time zones that the rest of the world sets its clocks by. The reason being that the lines that are drawn across the world to set where each time zone begins and end all meet at the North Pole and South Pole. So this means that the North Pole is not inside any of the time zones, but instead sits right on the edge of all of them!

Of course, this does not prove to be a big problem as there aren’t many people around that need to set their watches to the right time. In fact, the only people that live at the North Pole are Santa and his elves…not to mention his reindeer. At the far South Pole, nobody actually lives there at all!

But if you went to visit the North Pole right now, what time would it be?

Well, the truth is that when most people visit the North Pole, they keep the time the same as it was in the place they travelled from. So if you travelled from Central Europe, you’d keep your watch at CET. Or if you went from the UK, you’d keep the time at GMT.

How Does Santa Set His Watch?

As for Santa himself, time doesn’t really matter a great deal because he and his helpers work around the clock. Or at least, they do at this time of year when things get really busy. But at the same time, Santa of course needs to know exactly what time it is, in order to know when to visit the homes of people all over the world and deliver his gifts.

After all, it’d be a little on the strange side if he turned up during breakfast, or perhaps mid-afternoon on Christmas Eve!

Which is where the answer to the question comes in: Santa doesn’t need to know the time at home, he just needs to know the time everywhere else! Which makes the North Pole a great place to work from! So to do this, he has dozens of clocks set up all over the place, which his elves keep an eye on and wind every day. By keeping an eye on these clocks, he knows just when to visit you, no matter where you happen to be!

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