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What Is Santa Claus’ Real Address?


Right now is the time of year when millions of children from all over the world finish off those letters to Santa and post them to his workshop. Some prefer to throw theirs on the fire and let the ashes do the work, but posting the traditional way is as popular as ever.

Of course, making sure the letter gets where it needs to be means ensuring you have the right postal address. But what is Santa’s actual address at the North Pole? How can you be sure that your letters get exactly where they need to be this year?

Avoid Alaska!

Well, first of all you’ll need to remember that there are in fact two North Poles…one where Santa lives and a small city in Alaska! Suffice to say, if you post your letter to Santa to the second of these, there’s a good chance he’s never going to see it! The Alaskan North Pole is a gorgeous place where it feels like Christmas for the whole year, but it’s still not the place you want to be sending your letters to!

In terms of the real North Pole, it’s important that the exact location of Santa’s workshop be kept a closely-guarded secret. After all, he doesn’t need millions of visitors swarming in from all over the world during his busiest time of year! So you’ll never be able to find out his exact coordinates on a map, but in terms of writing to him, it’s much easier to do!

The address you should be writing to if you want to get in touch with Santa at any time of year is as follows:

Santa Claus
1 Saint Nicholas Boulevard
North Pole City
North Pole
Arctic Ocean

Of course, as he’s the only person that lives in these parts, you don’t really need to write his name or even the city itself. Chances are they’ll know where it’s going – it’s not as if there’s more than one North Pole or Santa Claus!

Does Santa Really Read These Letters?

It might sound hard to believe, but the answer is yes – he really does! When you think about it, he’s had so much practice reading the letters of children at Christmas that he can now read hundreds of letters faster than most people could open an envelope! He might be too busy to reply, but you can rest assured he’ll get your letter and read all it has to say!

That being said, he has a lot more to read at this time of year than the rest, so it’s a good idea to get your letters to him as early as possible. Whether it’s requesting Christmas gifts, sending pictures you’ve drawn or anything else at all, he’s never happier than when receiving mail from all over the world.

And be sure to include your own address too, just in case you get lucky and he has the time to write back to you!

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