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What Do You Do On Christmas Eve?


Christmas Eve is the day that most of us spend putting the finishing touches together so that the big day itself goes as smoothly with everybody having a fantastic time with nothing to worry about! The turkey is defrosting, the lights and the fairy are being placed on the tree and, in many countries across Europe, it is the day when presents are exchanged. Of course, as far as Santa Claus is concerned, this is an exceptionally busy time as he prepares himself to deliver joyful gifts to every child in every house across the planet!

It is also customary for many Catholics to attend Midnight Mass at their local church, where the story of the birth of Jesus and the Three Wise Men is remembered in all its magical glory and we pray and light a candle for all the people we cherish and love who are both present or no longer with us in the physical realm, but always there in spirit. In the days running up to Christmas Eve, children are often to be found, scribbling away and busily writing letters to Santa to tell him about the gifts and presents they would like to receive in return for their good behaviour during the previous weeks and months.

Of course, writing a letter to Santa is a special event in itself, but did you know that you can now ask Santa to send you a video message or personalised Santa letter as a reply so that your little ones can be sure that he has received their original letter in the first place? The team at Elfi Santa are very lucky in that they are able to communicate directly with Father Christmas himself and ask him to create a unique response including everything from your the name of each child in your household whilst thanking them personally for writing to him.

Each letter from Santa or video reply that we create on your behalf serves as a highly unique Christmas souvenir in itself that can be read aloud, again and again, either by your children or Santa Claus himself, should you opt for a video Santa message.

Thanks to the large number of Elves we employ, we are able to create hundreds of individually addressed Santa letters and videos which can either be sent by post or directly by email depending on the kind of service you want. This year, let your children and loved ones know that Santa is thinking of them by choosing a one of a kind present that only Father Christmas himself can truly provide.

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