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Unique and Personalised Gift Ideas This Christmas


Here’s a question – what makes for the perfect gift? Practical value?  Something the recipient has wanted for some time? Perhaps simply something they didn’t expect?

All great measures of truly great gifts, but nothing shows real thought and sentiment than a personalised Christmas gift.

Personalised gifts are unmatched in terms of meaning for two important reasons. First of all, you’ve clearly gone to a certain amount of time and effort to put them together. Secondly, you are giving a 100% unique gift, unlike any other that has ever been given.

The question being – where to start?

With a little thought, it’s actually quite easy to come up with a world of incredible personalised gift ideas for Christmas. But if you’re in need of a little motivation, give thought to any of the following and we guarantee the recipient will be simply blown away by the gesture:

  1. Christmas Videos. First of all, rather than sending the usual card this year, why not put together a family Christmas video? All you need to do is get the whole family together, set up the necessary recording device and have a virtual festive chat with the recipients. Send your Christmas wishes this way and the whole thing comes across as so much more personal and meaningful.
  2. Homemade Food Baskets. Christmas food gifts are always well received. Especially those that are homemade. So this year, why not go the extra mile and put together a homemade Christmas food basket? Get the kids involved, assemble a collection of decadent delicacies and maybe add a personalised gift card as a final finishing touch.
  3. Homemade Cards. Speaking of which, you might want to forgo the usual store-bought Christmas cards and try your hand at making your own. Contrary to popular belief, homemade Christmas cards do not have to look professional in any way. In fact, it’s often the rustic, amateurish charm of homemade Christmas cards that makes them uniquely special!
  4. Personalised Gifts. If you prefer to go the professional route, never forget that there are so many websites these days offering an endless array of personalised presents. From mugs to make-up bags to whisky bottles to wooden train sets or a unique letter from Santa, simply adding the personal touch to an otherwise everyday gift really can make all the difference.
  5. Messages from Santa. Of course, there’s always the option of ordering a personalised and unique video message from Santa Claus himself. Just as when we say that nobody is ever too old to get a kick out of a surprise gift like this!
  6. Family Message Books. Last but not least, if you have friends or family members who live far away, family message books make great gift ideas. Simply take a small diary or notebook, pass it among every member of the family and get everyone to write their own messages and well wishes – maybe adding a drawing or two, or embellishing the pages as they see fit. These are the kinds of things that make great personalised gifts and meaningful mementoes for life!
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