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The Ultimate Christmas Question: Is Santa Real?


The moment you stop believing in Santa is the moment Christmas loses a little of its sparkle. Which is precisely why Christmas is so special for younger children. But there’s a reason why adults of all ages still get that warm, festive feeling from so much as a glance of jolly-old Saint Nick. Whatever myths and legends you choose to believe, Santa is no fairy-tale!

Was Santa real? Absolutely and without any shadow of doubt whatsoever. Trace back the story of Santa to the original Saint Nicholas himself and you’ll see he was as real as you or me! So if you or your kids ever doubt that Santa existed, you might want to brush up on your history! Believe in him or not, he was real!

Is Santa real today? Maybe not as the story books tell, but Santa and his band of merry assistants are as much a part of Christmas as anything and everything else. You can’t force your kids to believe in Santa, but you can give them every reason to. And the more effort you make, the more they’ll get from every magical childhood Christmas and remember each experience for life!

How to Make Your Kids Believe in Santa

If your kids flat-out don’t believe in Santa anymore, it’s unlikely you’ll change their minds back. However, there’s plenty you can do to help ensure this doesn’t happen until as late as realistically possible! After all, nothing can compare to the kinds of Christmases where Santa Claus himself is the one and only thing on your mind!

Here’s a rundown of a few tips and tricks for helping preserve your kids’ belief in Santa that little bit longer:

  1. Video Message from Santa. First up, why not organise a personal video message from the big man himself? These days, there are plenty of services set up specifically for those who cannot (or would prefer not to) visit Santa’s grotto in person. After a quick well wish from Santa, it’s impossible not to believe in him!
  2. Letters from Santa. Likewise, you could organise for a personalised written message to be delivered at any time before or after Christmas. Packed with personal information only the real Santa could know, that’s exactly who they’ll believe it’s from!
  3. Santa’s Grotto. Take the time to take your kids to meet Santa in person. However, check in advance whether your chosen Santa is the best in your locality. The last thing you want is an unconvincing amateur even your kids can see through in a heartbeat!
  4. Santa Was Here! Aside from the gifts under the tree, give your kids every reason to believe Santa really did pay them a visit. Trails of glitter, footprints in the snow and of course, the leftovers of the treats you’ll be leaving out for him!

Secret Sightings. Last but not least, you could always have a member of the family dress up as Santa, pay a ‘visit’ on Christmas Eve and allow your kids to take a sneaky peak from behind the door. Just long enough to see he’s real and there, before whisking them back off to bed for the sweetest of sweet dreams!

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