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The History of Santa Claus


Every Christmas we are surrounded by images of the larger than life Father Christmas, with his glowing face, big white beard, bright red costume and a beaming smile that welcomes children and grown-ups of all ages and upbringings. Legend has it that every year, Santa Claus sets off around the world with his flying reindeer in a magical sleigh that is brimming with presents and gifts for all those well behaved boys and girls who have written him letters so that he knows exactly what to deliver down the chimney before carrying on to his next destination on his seemingly never ending flight of joy and good will.

Although we all love and recognize Father Christmas, not everyone knows the true story of how Santa came about in the first place! The name and character of Santa Claus is derived from Saint Nicholas who was a kind and compassionate man who was particularly fond of children in the nicest way imaginable and he was also looked upon by Sailors in centuries long since passed as a bringer of good fortune and safety when conditions were treacherous out at sea.

The modern day Santa Claus whom we have all come to love and adore is based mainly on the writings and poems by authors living in Victorian Times. He lives in the North Pole, or Lapland if you are from Finland, and glides through the sky each December on a special sleigh which is pulled by eight magic reindeer called Blitzen, Donner, Comet, Vixen, Prancer, Dasher, Dancer and Cupid, making sure that everyone receives their presents on time on the most wonderful occasion of the year.

In order to tell Santa what they want for their yuletide gifts, many children write letters to him with a list of presents which he usually leaves beside the Christmas Tree in return for a mince pie, a carrot for Rudolph and a small glass of liquor such as a brandy or a glass sherry. Although many of us our familiar with writing Santa letters which are addressed to his home in the Arctic, there is now a new trend emerging whereby parents and relatives can request a reply for the man himself.

Here at Elfi Santa, we are able to turn the dream of receiving a letter from Santa or even a Santa video response which is personally tailored to include everything from the name of the child the message is addressed to along with any other unique content that will ensure that the person receiving the letter feels special and convinced that Santa is speaking directly to them! With a little assistance from Santa’s little helpers, we are able to offer fast and accurate, personally addressed Santa letters and videos which are produced to exceptional standards featuring all the warmth and joy that only a genuine correspondence from Father Christmas himself can provide.

Using our dedicated services, you can put a heartfelt smile on the face of any child, friend or loved one who believes in the magical meaning of Christmas and the joyfulness of Santa Claus by well and truly bringing him to life!

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