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How to write letters to Santa Claus - A guide

How to write letters

What to do when writing letters to Santa

Nearly every child in the whole world – even those who cannot yet write properly – wants to send a letter to Santa. I, the bearded man with a big belly dressed in a red outfit, whose name brings a smile to the face of every child, am perfectly aware of the seriousness of the situation and intend to provide you with the best guidelines to help you learn quickly how to write wonderful and impeccable letters to me.

First of all, if you are a child who has not learnt to write yet, you don’t need to ask any adults for help, it’s enough if you draw what you would like to say to me – this kind of “letter” may be even better that a traditional one. You can of course use the help of an adult, for example your mum, who will write down everything you want to say to me. If you are a slightly older child and have already learnt how to write, please make sure that your letter is precise and at the same time pleasant to read (for me). At the beginning, please address me in a nice way, it may be for example “Dear Santa”. Next, please tell me your name, age, your year at school, describe what you like to do in your free time. Don’t forget to write if you have been good this year and if you think that you deserve to get presents. Let me know the order of things you would like to get this Christmas.

Remember that you don’t have to only ask for material things, smiles on the faces of your family members are a very precious thing as well. You can’t find those types of presents under the Christmas tree, but by asking for them, you may make them appear. When you finish listing your requests and explaining the reasons for them, please say goodbye – remember that the fact that I am Santa and that I am working on the night of Christmas Eve doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve to get Christmas wishes. You can enclose a drawing with your letter – it will make the job of my great helpers, the hard-working elves, much easier, as they will be able to see exactly what the toy they are preparing especially for you should look like. You can write your letter on an ordinary sheet of paper, but you can also use colourful (scented) notepaper. Please remember that the care you put into writing your letter will reflect on you. In addition, you should remember to place the letter in an envelope and to address it correctly – you don’t necessarily have to put “Santa Claus” in the recipient section, because Mrs Claus is very happy if letters are addressed to her.


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