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How do I deliver gifts? Express Delivery from Santa

How do I deliver gifts

Find out how your presents arrive at your home

Each year, with Christmas approaching, I have a huge task ahead of me to deliver gifts to the houses of all good children around the world. Not many people are aware what a great responsibility it is for Santa Claus, who, on Christmas morning,  can’t disappoint any children awaiting his arrival. My wonderful helpers, who are, first of all, my elves and reindeer, know that of course. Let’s start from the beginning.

Gifts are prepared at a place called Santa’s workshop, where appropriately sorted requests from children are delivered. Each elf is responsible for a separate department, a separate activity – some of them screw on the wheels of toy cars, other sew the dresses for dolls, while other ones are responsible for stitching on the ears of teddy bears. Finished toys are thrown into huge sacks, which are then sorted and placed onto my sleigh. When Christmas is on its way, my reindeer are being prepared for the journey. Young and strong reindeer are selected from the whole herd, with some older ones who have helped me deliver presents many times before and who know the route by heart. After choosing twelve wonderful animals they are cleaned even more thoroughly and appropriately fed by the groom. It’s similar in the case of the sleigh, which needs to be properly maintained so that it can work without any problems; to do that, we check all its functions such as stopping or lifting off into the air to take a load off the reindeer.

When everything has been arranged and prepared, Santa’s entire village gets ready for the bearded man’s departure into the world. The reindeer know perfectly well where to go first and where to visit on the way back, but just to be sure I take a map with me to show us the way. As I reach the subsequent districts of towns, cities and villages, I can’t help but appreciate how beautiful the world looks on that night. Most everywhere beautifully decorated trees await my arrival. If it’s possible, I land on the roof, from where I sneak in through the chimney without making a sound. I leave the presents in stockings or under Christmas trees prepared for me. If it’s necessary, I leave through the window or the door, sometimes I also leave the children’s gifts with their parents, who put them under the tree for me.

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