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Get to Know Santa’s Reindeers!


If you are writing a letter to Santa this year and you are running out of things to say (other than what presents you want!) – then why not learn a bit more about his reindeer so that you can ask him how they are all doing?

So what are the different reindeers called – and more importantly – what are they actually like?  Are they funny?  Do they like getting up to mischief?  Do they even have any special skills that you should know about?

Here is a list of all ten reindeers – including their names, unique personalities and their individual skills and special powers!

Perhaps the most famous reindeer on the list, Rudolph is known to be a little bit down on himself at times.  He is most well known for his magically glowing nose which lights up in the night sky when pulling the sleigh.

Dasher is a lovely reindeer and he is the fastest reindeer in Lapland!  Funnily enough, he is particularly well known for his sewing skills.  Who would have thought that a reindeer could actually sew?

Unlike some of the other reindeer who are known to be quite shy, Dancer is the complete opposite!  He just loves to show off and – as his name suggests – he is also a very good dancer who loves to play around in the snow.

Prancer is well known for – well… prancing about!  He is a very handsome reindeer and quite possibly one of the first to admit it.  However, he can be very affectionate and loving towards others.

Vixen is a tricky little girl who specialises in magic.  She loves to get into mischief – although she would never hurt or embarrass her friends.

Next up is Comet!  Very good looking and exceptionally easy going, Comet is great with kids and highly popular with everyone.

As his name suggests, Cupid is highly affectionate and incredibly good at bringing people together at Christmas time.

Now we come to Donner – the loudest of all the reindeer!  Donner is a highly talented singer who knows the words to every Christmas carol ever sung.

Like Dasher, Blitzen is very, very fast.  In fact, he is said to be quicker than a bolt of lightning.  So it’s hardly surprising that his special skill is electrifying the others!

Olive likes always loves a good game of hide-and-seek, which she is very, very good at!  Although she sometimes gets into trouble – she always admits when she is wrong and does her best to fix things.

Of course, there are many more reindeer in Lapland, but these are Santa’s favourites and they help him to deliver the enormous list of Christmas presents that he gives to all the well behaved boys and girls around the world each year.

Now you know their names and a bit more about them, why not mention them in your next Santa letter and ask how they are getting along.

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