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First frosts - Christmas is coming

First frosts Christmas is coming

Get ready for Christmas!

Jingle, jingle, jingle – jingle bells. Every year, children around the world impatiently await my visit, gifts brought by me, and the entire magical atmosphere of Christmas. As soon as the first signs of frost appear on the ground, the air starts to become thicker and smoke coming out chimneys begins to drop very low as if pulled down by gravity, we can sense the wonderful spirit of Christmas in the air.

Before fluffy snow starts falling from the sky, hectic preparations commence at Santa’s village. It all starts with letters written by children, which are delivered to my house. There are, of course, thousands of them, or even millions, but I try to read them all myself and to analyse them carefully and fairly. Having done that, I forward them to Santa’s workshop, where hard-working elves prepare all the toys. At that time, the entire village I live in becomes more colourful. Christmas trees are decorated with flickering lights in all possible colours, with baubles and tinsel. Above the doors of the houses, Christmas ornaments are hung, and the hearts of the residents are filled with joy and peace. Not only Santa’s village prepares for Christmas in such a festive way. Around the whole world, shopping malls, big outlets, markets and others are decorated with all kinds of ornaments, which usually announce the coming of Christmas well in advance. I can observe those great decorations, chocolate figures resembling the bearded man in a red outfit (myself), flickering lights and soaring  Christmas trees during my journey on the night before Christmas, together with my reindeer, as we travel all the different corners of the world.

Santa letter

But before I set out for my journey I receive information about the customs of individual countries, about the traditions of every household which people follow to feel that Christmas is coming. I get to know very interesting facts. I am aware than in most homes the younger children decorate the tree while the older ones help the mum with preparing the Christmas dinner. At shopping centres, my assistants listen to children’s wishes and give away gifts. In addition, special Christmas campaigns are organised for children in orphanages. The Christmas spirit is not only limited to the Christmas morning itself, but it covers the longer period before it. 


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