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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories , which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients . They make our heart beats faster.

9.8/10 from (28364) reviews
Thank you!
Your reviews (28364):
  It is a wonderful idea we took our son to Lapland when he was 5 and the letter gave the impression that Santa remembered seeing him I loved it thank you
  Heather Dennett, 29.11.2017, Salisbury    
  Fabulous and very special idea for little ones. Please can you make it that you can type the child’s name in, one of the names I wanted wasn’t there, slightly disappointing
  Jo Slaney, 29.11.2017, Nottingham    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, Thank you for your message, could you please let us know what is the missing name via email at [email protected] or report it on our website by clicking on 'Missing names'? This way we can record it and make it available within the next weeks before Christmas. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Brilliant video my grandchildren will be thrilled
  Kathy Simmons, 28.11.2017, Newbury    
  trying to order video but won,t recognize my email.even though it the one i registered with :-(
  dale thiedeman, 28.11.2017, Weston Super Mare    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, Have you try to log out and then log-in once more? Maybe you have created accounts twice: once via Facebook and once via email? Please email us at [email protected] if you still face the problem. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  a brilliant idea.
  katie johnson-bennett, 28.11.2017, bracknell    
  I would like to have the option in Spanish. My boy is 3 year-old and doesn't understand English yet so he is missing a great part of the message, despite he can see Santa and understand his name when Santa says it :)
  Alexa Botines, 28.11.2017, Barcelona (Spain)    
Elfi’s response: Hi! Thank you for your message, unfortunately we do not have a Spanish version of our videos - only English, French, German, Polish, Italian. Sincerely yours, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  A great idea.
  Cristina Draghici, 28.11.2017, Worthing    
  Lovely video , very Christmassy
  Rachel Rowbotham, 28.11.2017, Hernebay    
  Worked a treat last year and hoping for the same this year. Just a shame my daughter's name is not on your list. Her name is Polly and the nearest is Pauly. I emailed last year and you said you would add her name. Sad that it is not there again this year.
  Neil Gauld, 27.11.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, We are very sorry for this situation, we will prioritize your request, the name will be recorded at the beginning of December and added to our list in the middle of December. Sincerely yours, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Think my daughter was starting to doubt santa exists but think this changed her mind xxx
  Charlotte Storer, 27.11.2017, Kings langley    
  A wonderful alternative and very current form of 'Letter to Santa', though we have chosen both this year. A little long winded and the script could be revised, however, fab to have personal photos. My daughter will be enthralled come December. Highly recommended for any age group :) Well done !
  Mandy Ajmal, 27.11.2017, Redditch    
  It is unreal and amazing. Got it for niece. Wish it was there when my children were small.
  Teresa Glynn, 27.11.2017, Ireland    
  kids loved it
  Tracey, 27.11.2017, chester    
  Fanta I!
  Michelle h, 27.11.2017, Australia    
  Brilliant. Cant wait to show my children
  Joanne, 27.11.2017, Ipswich    
  Joanne Rodaway, 27.11.2017, Portsmouth    
  Couldn't be more happy with the video. My daughter will be so excited when she sees it. Have already recommended to friends and family.
  Laurette Pickering, 26.11.2017, Leamington, Cambridge    
  Fabulous my niece loved it
  claire, 26.11.2017, cardiff    
  Tom Tom, 26.11.2017, London    
  More than pleased and will show video to grandchildren in Australia on arrival soon. Please put Evie on the name list.
  Brenda Brewer, 25.11.2017, Dorchester    
Elfi’s response: Hi Brenda, thank you for sharing your opinion. Please visit us in the middle of December 2017, when we will add name Evie to our lists :-) All the best! Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Hi Santa Claus i love you
  Ameera Emch, 25.11.2017, Niles    
  Great video, kids loved it !
  Andrew Trikomitis, 25.11.2017, Hertfordshire    
  Lovely video so pleased with it
  Angela Avis- heffernan, 24.11.2017, Dartford    
  My Grandson is over the moon with his message from Santa.
  Geraldine Argyle, 24.11.2017, Stockton-On-Tees    
  Great video.. I love it ! I’m sure my daughter will love it.. is will be great Christmas present for her..when I watched video the magical feeling that I had returned to my childhood and the Christmas tale ...can’t stop watching :-)))
  Natasha Kowalska, 24.11.2017, Sydney    
  Great video the boy cant stop watching it : )
  Alec Bill, 24.11.2017, Poole    
  Bloody awesome! Thank you!
  Kevin Bryson, 24.11.2017, Nowra Hill    
  Can you confirm if you will be adding Millie to the list? I have reported it missing but nothing on as yet? Thank you
  Paula Barr, 23.11.2017, Glasgow    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, Thank you for your message. We will be recording all the missing names at the beginning of December 2017 and adding them to our website shortly after in the same month. Sincerely yours, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Truly magical really pleased with the result
  Pat Cook, 23.11.2017, Beverley    
  Beautifull gift. Great customer support. Thanks
  Paulina Mrozik, 23.11.2017, Wisbech    
  Very pleased with the video, I know My daughter will love it. Would recommend to friends. Thankyou x
  Julie Branch, 23.11.2017, Hailsham    
  Lovely. My nephew was mesmerised.
  Becky, 23.11.2017, Erith    
  Great video and i know my daughter will love it. Just would have been better if her name was on the list or there was an option to type it in.
  Erica Vermaak, 23.11.2017, Auckland    
Elfi’s response: Hi Erica, thank you for sharing your opinion. Please send to us that name at [email protected] as we will record all new missing names next month and they will be available on the website in the middle of December. All the best! Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  I purchased letter for a family member, for the child. Very impressed with the speed and quality of the product! Thank you so much.
  Nadim Thobhani, 23.11.2017, Burnley    
  Fabulous idea. Great customer support. Will definitely buy again
  Jacinta Murphy, 23.11.2017, Dublin    
  Was really disappointed with this year's video. Not all the photos were shown and it was nowhere near as good as 2016. Will have to think seriously before I do this again. Sorry!
  Brenda Emmerson, 23.11.2017, Surrey    
Elfi’s response: Hi Brenda, thank you for sharing your opinion. From what we can see in your order all pictures were attached properly and there is no error in that purchase. We are very sorrythat you are disappointed, we try our best to proviade the best possible quality of our products, all videos are in the full HD. Please remember that anytime you don't feel satisfied with our products you can ask for a refund. Please contact us at [email protected] We will do our best to solve that issue. All the best! Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  The video is brilliant, we're really impressed with the quality and our children will love it. I'd definitely recommend it. I would say that the instructions when uploading are very clear & simple apart from the section where you upload either a photo of a present or type in text. I didn't realise that you could put more than one line in and so just typed in one item although the video is for two children. We're hoping to get away with it as the younger one always copies his big brother!
  Debi Petch, 22.11.2017, Stockport    
  Fantastic video. My 2 children were memorised. My little girls name BETH was not on the list however which was a little disappointing. Also at the end of the video Santa goes into his sleigh to deliver the presents, my children couldn't understand why he was leaving the north pole in November to deliver the gifts, maybe this is something you could change. Still worth the 5 stars!
  Anna Twomey, 22.11.2017, Ireland    
  Its amazing! My granddaughter is going to love it. Can't wait to show her.
  Karen Phillips, 21.11.2017, Auckland    
  Hi Will you be adding the name Maisie to the list? Thanks Kay
  kay Jones, 20.11.2017, portsmouth    
Elfi’s response: Hi Kay, Thank you for your message. We'll be adding Maisie to our list in December. Should you have any further questions, please mail us at [email protected] Sincerely yours, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  This was very good my granddaughter loved it she plays it over and over.
  Ann HEDGES, 20.11.2017, England    
  Really nice
  Andreea Negru, 19.11.2017, Bracknell    
  Our children loved their video.
  Isabelle Shadwick, 19.11.2017, Rotherham    
  High quality production I ordered the two child scene; I was a little disappointed to only get one child’s name read out Other than that very happy
  Steph Dickinson, 19.11.2017, Cleveland    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, Thank you for your message. I've sent you a email since this is not a normal situation. We would like to have a look at your order and fixed it. Yours sincerely, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Brilliant,my three grandchildren loved it,watches it all the time they can’t believe that Santa knows their names
  Jane Gates, 18.11.2017, Portsmouth    
  My grandsons we in awe of the video and they wanted to watch it again and again would definitely recommend getting this to friends and family
  Maria Waterer, 17.11.2017, Southampton    
  What a wonderful idea love everything about the video the only thing I would say is it would be a good idea to be able to add more pictures of what children want in the siblings one as writing it on doesn't really work for smaller children that don't read yet but seeing a picture of what they want in my option would make it special. Will definitely buy again
  Kim Stonebank, 17.11.2017, Watford    
  Brilliant my grandsons will love it .
  Clive Prior, 17.11.2017, Bedford    
  My nephews name was not on the list so I had to choose an alternative. Hopefully by December it will be added and then I can update the video. I am more excited than him - can't wait to see his enthusiasm!
  Han El, 16.11.2017, London    
Elfi’s response: Hi Han, thank you for sharing your opinion. We hope you reported that missing name via our website. If not, please let us know at [email protected] All the best! Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Absolutely brilliant. My nephew loved it and so did his mum and dad and auntie. Excellent for children of all ages, very magical
  Marilyn Melhuish, 16.11.2017, CARDIFF    
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