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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories , which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients . They make our heart beats faster.

9.8/10 from (28384) reviews
Thank you!
Your reviews (28384):
  Recommended already to people and I will definitely return myself My granddaughters loved it so to me that in itself is fantastic. I do know of two others that used your services after I showed them and another couple for next year
  Kay Heyde, 22.12.2017    
  A fantastic and value for money service with very considerate people working there. I made a mistake with my order and they were very helpful in finding a solution for me and corrected the mistake at no extra cost. This was recommended by my polish friend - Fantastic service and company
  Herb seewoo, 22.12.2017    
  Think it's brilliant. Can't wait to show my wee one on Christmas Eve
  Karen Anderson, 22.12.2017    
  I did enjoy the video that I've watched (my Polish friend shared the link) but could I get the video in Ukrainian ?
  Natalia Samchenko, 22.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, Unfortunately we do not provide the video in Ukrainian language - only Polish, English, French, Italian and German are available. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Absolutely gorgeous. This was a surprise to our 2 young grandsons and it couldn't be a more perfect present. Cant wait to get this again next year.
  Amanda Peters, 22.12.2017    
  This was purely magically stunning!!!! I got this for my 2 grandsons and they were completely captivated the with whole video. It exceeded our expectations and it was priceless to see their pictures and hear their names. Great memory and moment to share, will definitely do it again next year.
  Amanda Peters, 22.12.2017    
  exceeded expectations. very professional. kids thrilled with Santas message
  rachel doran, 22.12.2017    
  Really special. A few elements got my little girls confused (aged 3 & 4), why isn't Rudolph's nose red? Why has he fallen asleep? The gap between their names seemed really long too. Both girls enjoyed the free one just as much but will still be buying next year. Apart from these few minor things it was wonderful and my children are still telling people 2 weeks after.
  Michael Martin, 22.12.2017    
  Excellent ??
  Claudia Walsh, 22.12.2017    
  Excellent- they didn’t have my daughters name & it was placed on the list.. Great communication whilst waiting for this to happen.. Absolutely love the end result most definitely worth the wait..
  Sarah Tuttle, 22.12.2017    
  Absolutely fantastic my little boy was fascinated with the video
  Vikki Mcclusky, 22.12.2017    
  This is absolutely awesome, my grandchildren loved it
  Vicki Winter, 21.12.2017    
  Fantastic. My daughter became a believer again just when we thought she didn't believe in santa. So sweet.
  Al C, 21.12.2017    
  Still waiting on delivery:-( Concept is great but delivery time when having paid postage is not acceptable
  J Eastland, 21.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Hi J, thank you for sharing your opinion. Letter can be delivered within 10 working days, and it means that your letter can reac its destination on 27.12.17. If the addressee won't receive it until then, please contact us on [email protected] All the best! Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  We all loved it. Felt very special. Thank you. Just a shame the video can’t be kept as momento for years to come.
  Louise Ellis, 21.12.2017    
  It was great I have recommended to friends and family grandson said Santa does not have dogs
  Sharon Sharon, 21.12.2017    
  All perfect! Thanks a lot!
  Lesya micallef, 21.12.2017    
  I felt there wasn't enough information about the child or their family the first few minutes was nothing to do with the child.
  Christine Paery, 20.12.2017    
  Great product, just a shame that there is no way to immediately add a child’s name that is not currently on the list. Pleased I didn’t pay full price as my son did not recognise his “full name” in the video which put a slight dampener on it.
  O H, 20.12.2017    
  I have not received it the order so l can’t share my opinion
  Carmel Campbell, 20.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, We will contact you to let you know about the details of your order. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Lovely. Children couldn't believe it especially when they saw picture of their house!
  anthea martin, 20.12.2017    
  Priceless,my grandchildren’s faces when receiving the Santa message with all their faces and details will last a lifetime worth every penny and the Santa clip itself is so oldy worldy that they believed every bit
  Beccy Moore, 20.12.2017    
  Absolutely brilliant kids loved it. Worth every penny will definitely be back to buy again next year
  Marty Mitch, 20.12.2017    
  Great idea but only had the choice of the one spelling of my son, which was Finn my sons name is Fin
  Charlie Tregellis, 20.12.2017    
  My 5 yr old son absolutely loved it, the photo of him and his friend was his favourite , we have forwarded it all our friends and family, fantastic idea!🇳🇿
  Charlie Tregellis, 20.12.2017    
  Great . My 2.5 year old daughter loved it the personalisation was very good. When the picture of her present came up she was hanging around my neck shouting Teddy teddy teddy. That's my house that's my house was the next exciting moment when the picture of our house came up. I know she is only 2 1/2 But it was worth every penny to see the smile on her face. Will definitely use next year again. Thanks
  Anthony Doherty, 19.12.2017    
  Fantastic, My Nephew loved it and so did i seeing the joy and innocents of a 6 year old that is so precious.
  Andy Coles, 19.12.2017    
  My grandchildren were completely enthralled by the video.
  Malcolm Jackson, 19.12.2017    
  Absolutely brilliant and magical ?? It’s worth every penny, It’s made the children believe even more now......even me ?. It was very quick only thing it didn’t have my daughters name Ariah, but it’s a hard name to have and she’s only 1 this Christmas anyway. Thanks merry Christmas ????
  Marc Carroll, 19.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, Thank you for your message, Ariah will be added to our name list for the next season. Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Lovely but not enough personalisation, my daughter's name wasn't even in the database and you couldn't add it
  Ines Morreale, 19.12.2017    
  After telling my kids how magical Santa is, then spending all day trying to load his ‘magical email’, didn’t inspire much Christmas spirit. I don’t think it was as exciting as we anticipated. Then to attempt a refund, we had to sign a lifelong banning of future elfi products. Insane.
  Rachel Waite, 19.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Hi Rachel, thank you for sharing your opinion. Please clarify where did you find sch information about being banned from placing another order after being refunded? All our customers have a guarantee of a refund within 60 days from payment acceptance. Please provide more information about that case so we will be able to find a suitable solution. All the best! Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  This was magical! I usually get a letter from Santa but my children enjoyed the video so much more, watching over and over again!
  K Phillips, 19.12.2017    
  Hi, I bought the Santa video via Groupon on last Friday. I am still waiting for the video. I am not sure who to contact?
  Kasia Howe, 19.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, A member of our staff will contact you asap to help you out. The email to reach is [email protected] Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Really pleased! A lasting Christmas memory for my granddaughter! She loved it!
  Fern M, 18.12.2017    
  Brilliant idea, can't wait to see my daughters face when she sees it, Really quick as well, recommended to so many people, will be using every year until daughter finds out Santa isn't real. Lol
  Craig Dungate, 18.12.2017    
  really pleased again this year this is the second year I have brought from you my daughter lives the videos thankyou I have a very happy little girl happy Christmas
  Carol Cutts, 18.12.2017    
  Very nice and suitable. Would recommend only one child at a time
  Mary Mary A, 18.12.2017    
  Really fast delivery time, quality is amazing, my son who is 4 sat with the biggest smile, for me that was the best present ever. Thank you
  Mandy L, 18.12.2017    
  Movie is fantastic. Good job.
  Slawomir Jakubowski, 18.12.2017    
  Delighted with both video's for grandchildren. Nice professional work and no waiting around.
  Geraldine Geoghegan, 17.12.2017    
  Such a lovely idea to bring it to life and personalised with the name is very special
  Eirene Massow, 17.12.2017    
  The only thing easy and fast to navigate on this site is the feedback page. It's taken hours for me to upload the photos and now it's lost the whole thing.
  Frustrated In Oz, 17.12.2017    
Elfi’s response: Dear customer, We're sorry to hear that, do you have an updated version of your browser? Kind regards, Elfi team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  This idea is brilliant, my daughter who is nearly 7 was starting to doubt that Santa was real😟. But after she received a personal video email from Santa himself, this truly cemented her belief in Santa for a good few more years to come. Thanks & Merry Xmas.
  Tony Davies, 17.12.2017    
  10/10 Amazing. Showed video to our 7 yr old son who was wavering, after words of advice from Santa and seeing "mam and dad who love him very much" he got a bit emotional but now believes for at least another year. Thank you
  Jaki Hardy, 17.12.2017    
  Fab! Used it for my class and they were thrilled!
  Leonora C, 17.12.2017    
  Excellent - My children loved the personalised authentic letters!
  Neil G, 17.12.2017    
  Totally amazing!!!!! My Grand daughter who is age 4 loved it!!
  maxine wicks, 17.12.2017    
  Amazing website, my son loved his video.
  Maxine Donnelly, 16.12.2017    
  Was fantastic although my middle daughters name millie wasnt there so her name was slightly different hopefully it will be there next year then will it be absolutely perfect my 4 year old loves it
  Cheryl Duncan, 16.12.2017    
  It was brilliant and my granddaughter was so excited when she saw it.
  Michelle Ord, 16.12.2017    
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