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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories , which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients . They really warm our hearts.

9.8/10 of (37234) reviews
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Your feedback (37234):
  Absolutely thrilled to bits with our video. My little girl was stunned and had to show everyone that Santa had a picture of her, our home, her gift & of me too!! It was magical, moving and brought the magic of Christmas into our home once again. Thank you
  Lynsey Knill, 22.12.2018, Tenbury Wells    
  Awesome and unique gift for small and big!
  Radostina, 22.12.2018, London    
  Excellent service, and professional, the children loved the videos, and I was happy with the outcome.
  ber, 21.12.2018, Kildare    
  Excellent professional service, very accessible and manageable, the children loved the videos,
  Ber Rowan, 21.12.2018, Kildare    
  First time using Elfi as previously gone with *** but we wanted a joint video for the kids we chose Santa’s house the opening scene to that video we really was impressed with along with the letters flying down the chimney Santa himself is well portrayed only recommendation would say is with the joint videos for siblings is to give us more options to make it more personal to the kids but other then that happy with the service and video
  Jamie French, 21.12.2018, England    
  Nice sweet video...unfortunately not so easy to put together abit long winded could be much easier. A photo was put in upside down and the company advised it was down to me to change it? Surely it should never have been put in upside down in the 1st place? After many emails I really couldn't be bothered to go through the difficult process all over this on Groupon so at a discounted rate...I wouldn't buy again only because of the process and the staff being unhelpful.
  Sharon, 21.12.2018, Essex    
Elfi’s response: Hi Sharon, thank you for sharing your opinion. Pictures added to the video are in the position in which the client initially places them. We do not change the height or the width or the arrangement of the photos as the whole process is automatic The Regulations contain a record that only the client can modify his or her video order. All important information should reach you in the very first e-mail from our service sent right after you've palced your first order. In line with GDPR guidelines, we try to minimize unmanageable access to customer data, including data in orders. All the best, Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Perfect video, with lots of details and very professional made, last year used as well however didn't have my daughter's name. So this year I was surprised to see it on the list which is soo great :) Many thank
  Mariela, 21.12.2018, Leamington Spa    
  I just want to say a big Thank you for the wonderful letters,they were a big hit with the children that received them will definitely recommend you to people for next year.
  Kirsty westbrook, 20.12.2018, Buckinghamshire    
  My daughter was very upset cause she was watching the video that i had for her and it kept on crashing, i had a very upset 8yr oldx
  Natalie Cole, 20.12.2018, Neath    
Elfi’s response: Hi Natalie, thank you for sharing your opinion. We have checked your video and it is working properly. The case could be connected with your Internet connection. After downloading the file the issue should be resolved. Please let us know at [email protected] if that problems occured after you've downloaded the file. All the best, Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  I found this site last Christmas & it's just brilliant. I've recommended it to quite a few of my friends who are just as impressed with it as I am. I am using this app for our 2 year old grandson again who really enjoys watching the videos, hearing his name & seeing his mummy and daddy too. Thank you so much for the smiles on my grandsons face whilst watching the video
  Lisa Hayter, 20.12.2018, Southend-On-Sea    
  The kids were amazed and delighted , would definitely recommend.
  Carol wheeler, 20.12.2018, Glasgow    
  Fantastic video, really well done, to see my daughters face when I showed her it was pure delight. Thanks
  Hollie, 19.12.2018, Belfast    
  Having watched the preview of various video messages from Santa, I chose two different ones for my grandchildren, providing all the necessary information relevant to each child. However, the finished video was disappointing in that it hadn't included details that had been included in the preview videos. Not sure I'd bother again.
  Linda Taylor, 19.12.2018, Maidstone    
  Lovely video, very much enjoyed by my daughter
  Pippa, 19.12.2018, London    
  I created a elfisanta for my grandsons who where having doubts about santa being really well after they watched there own vidio where santa knew there name and even had a picture of them they where once again 100% true believers the was only one small issue because santa had puppies in the video one of my grandsons got very excited because he thought he was getting a puppy 🤣
  sharon marie swift, 19.12.2018, SKELMERSDALE    
  I purchased Santa’s house last year and it was much better than this year’s elf video. I liked that you could put a photo of your child’s present last year.
  Sarah, 18.12.2018, Perth    
  Shouldn't have an expiration time. My little boy didn't get his message at all! Next time I'll just pay a bit with another website
  Gill, 18.12.2018, Devon    
Elfi’s response: Hi Gill, thank you for sharing your opinion. The free video is costless so there's no possibility to download it or to expand the expiry date. Only a fully-paid products don't have such obstacles. All the best, Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Great service!!! very fast my daughter couldn’ t belive her eyes. thanks Elfisanta for give one more year of xmas magic!!!!
  cinzia schyberg, 18.12.2018, Hillerød    
  Amazing video have never seen one like it Before, the kids were amazed will definitely be getting every year!!
  Kerry, 18.12.2018, Kent    
  Absolutely brilliant my 4 year old daughter loved it and that’s what Christmas is all about making the little ones happy thanks very much
  tracy coyle, 18.12.2018, Liverpool England    
  Very disappointed! Ordered a letter on November 27th,2018 (waited over 15 working days and still nothing) for my son who was looking forward for a letter from Santa. I read the previous reviews and always see the same answer from management saying to allow up to 10 day working days, which I have done and now it's becoming ridiculous considering the price of a letter. DO NOT ORDER THE LETTER OPTION FROM THIS COMPANY!!
  Timothy Croteu, 17.12.2018, BROMONT    
Elfi’s response: Hi Bromont, thank you for sharing your opinion. We are very sorry that the letter didn't arrive on time to the recipient. Unfortunately, we don't know at which point the deliver was not performed (caused by the Polish Potal Office or the English one), but we have sent the letter on 27th of November. Please reach us at [email protected] and send us a filled in withdrawal to get back your payment for that undelivered product. It is always guaranteed for each client to get a refund in similar case. For more information, please visit All the best, Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  I am really not happy with your service I have tried to contact u numerous times with no reply. I created my video 4 days ago and I still haven't received it. I have received no reply from you. And I also found it difficult to create the video. Can someone please reply to me.
  Caroline, 17.12.2018, Dublin    
Elfi’s response: Hi Caroline, thank you for your message. Unfortunately, there is no order placed connected with your e-mail address. Have you made it successfully, you should receive an e-mail from our service right away with an order number. the easiest way to check it is to put in in a search bar of your e-mail "elfi santa". If there is no result, the order wasn't placed. If you have any proof of payment for that product, please reach us at [email protected] All the best, Elfi Team
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Great video and so easy to do. And then you get to watch the expression on the little faces when they see Santa say their names. Priceless!
  Kinga, 17.12.2018, London    
  Video is perfect, my 9 years old daughter was really happy till she spotted an advert during watching cartoon on YouTube.. It has happened just after we watched video, we get to know about website from our friends and we didn't see anything about elfisanta before so we didn't even think something as that can happened... You can just imagine how disappointed it was for her... She has own device with kids protection that is why it's make me more DISAPPOINTED as advertisement is available to any group age...
  Lena, 17.12.2018, Leeds    
  First class product and service
  Trevor, 16.12.2018, Dunstable    
  Nice video! :)
  Monika, 16.12.2018, Lublin    
  I ordered a Santa House video for my son and its absolutely fantastic.I got it after few minutes from ordering.It is so magical ,I would like to get one myself.I can't wait to see my son's face when he will watch it! Thanks very much, that is great job!
  Monika, 16.12.2018, Cork    
  This is awesome. I recommended it to a friend. The one thing I would like to change is being able to type in the name. You had my son’s name Keeghan but you spell it Keegan. I know he will ask how Santa got it wrong. I will tell him it must be a typo.
  Khan-Marie Crump, 16.12.2018, Currans Hill Australia    
  Very expensive and not as good as last year.
  Marie BillingtonBillington, 16.12.2018, Sale    
  fantastic better every year, grandkids love getting letters and video great value cant praise enough thank you
  mandy, 16.12.2018, Eden, Australia    
  Great service from beginning to end, my grandson thought it magical. Really impressed with everything.
  Sue, 16.12.2018, Huddersfield    
  Fabulous video. My little boy loved it and was over the moon that Santa has his photo in his book & said his name!
  C lawton, 15.12.2018, Crewe    
  Brilliant grandson loved it
  Sandra hill, 15.12.2018, London    
  The kids loved it
  Lyn Baird, 15.12.2018, Alex heads Qld    
  The kids loved it
  Lyn Baird, 15.12.2018, Alex heads Qld    
  The kids loved it
  Lyn Baird, 15.12.2018, Alex heads Qld    
  This is a great service my 8 year old face was magical, it has helped him still believe in the magic.
  Tracey, 13.12.2018, Wales    
  this app is so good
  rio, 12.12.2018, england    
  Absolutely brilliant!!! Our 7 year old son loved it. He even did some extra chores to stay on the ‘Nice List’. Great video and very personal - well done guys.
  Shehaan, 12.12.2018, Melbourne    
  the letter was beautiful. my daughter loved it and plans to keep it forever. very happy. makes a beautiful long lasting menory
  stepanie hammond, 12.12.2018, coventry    
  I love it
  Lewis Wilmer, 12.12.2018, Lancaster    
  Very pleased. Thank you. Magical. My grandson was amazed to see his face in the video. Maybe you can add Wales as an option too.
  Barbara, 12.12.2018, UK    
  This is great, thank you. I have been useing this app for many years!
  Anna, 12.12.2018, London    
  I ordered three letters, one for each of my children. They loved them! The choice of letters is brilliant and the fact you can edit them to match your child’s dislikes/likes/hobbies/behaviour etc makes it all the more ‘real’ for the kids. The letters are well written and printed in good quality paper. I will use this service again.
  Nikki, 12.12.2018, Oxford    
  T Hale, 11.12.2018, MILTON KEYNES    
  Thank you so much . It's awesome, I can't wait to show my daughter on Christmas day. I will be sure to help promote this.
  Bamidele Ariyo, 11.12.2018, London    
  Great kids loved it
  Hayley, 11.12.2018, East Sussex    
  Delighted with the video. Our 2 year old was fascinated with it. One suggestion I have is maybe offer a shorter edited version also for a quick fix for the kids after they’ve seen the full length version.
  John, 11.12.2018, Dublin    
  My Grand kids were very impressed and it was an excellent start to the good feeling surrounding Christmas. I'm sure that we will use the system in the coming years.
  Gordon, 11.12.2018, Gloucester    
  Great purchase! Daughter loved it. She was responding to the questions and playing along. Would purchase it again next year.
  Carlos, 11.12.2018, Cork    
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