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Every purchase you make is a great challenge and a wonderful motivation for us. Together with Santa Claus, we do our best so that every child can have an unforgettable and magical time of happiness. In return, you send us truly wonderful messages, or sometimes even whole stories , which you can read below. Those reviews are 100% real, unedited, and added by our clients . They really warm our hearts.

9.8/10 of (29208) reviews
Thank you!
Your feedback (29208):
  This is my second year of using this service. I can only describe it as uniquely brilliant and is yet another one of a parent's tools to keep their children believing for as long as we can. It is a very professional product and is real value for money. It was lovely to see both my children's names in the list this year and just proves that this company is fully engaged with their product and their customers. Thank you Elfi, can't wait to order my video for next year too.
  Perran James James, 28.10.2016    
  I like Santa Claus
  Latifa, 30.05.2016    
  "Great piece of work that made my family feel like kids in this magic period of the year. I wnat to just point about the missing name of my daughter "Martina" that made us to choose Martin instead. Is there any chance for you to include Martina for next Xmas? Thanks!
  Israel Merín, 21.03.2016    
Elfi’s response: Hello, Yes, our elves will try to introduce this name to Santa for 2016 video!
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  The two videos that I asked for were great my best friends little girl loved her video I got it made her want to go to bed early every night and she was good and wanted to be in school everyday even if she was too ill to go.
  Jennifer cowley jenzel, 07.01.2016    
  This was great! My daughter loved it and I love it, it's so so sweet.
  jackie larkins, 04.01.2016    
  A wonderful way to make someones Christmas very special
  Jeremy Adams, 04.01.2016    
  Brilliant. My 8 year old son was questioning his belief and he was over the moon with the personalised letter from Santa. My 5 year old was just as excited and they both loved showing friends and family. Thank you for helping to keep the magic in my family !
  Clare Newton, 04.01.2016    
  Brilliant. Loved that I could re write some of the letter to make it so personal. My 10 yr old loved it and was amazed that Santa knew sdo much about him!
  Shiv, 03.01.2016    
  The whole concept is brilliant. My daughter was surprised when Santa called out her name. She loves the video and watched it many times. Thanks Elfi!
  Zoheb Syed, 01.01.2016    
  Children were absolutely amazed, fantastic customer service, highly recommend!
  Inga, 31.12.2015    
  My 3 year old grandson was so excited to see a picture of his self, he said, Santa really knows me. Then when he saw a picture of him and his mommy, he said, and Santa knows mommy too. It was the best reaction I have seen from him. Thank you for making this all possible. Your spreading happiness in many children's lives and giving them back the magic that is Christmas.
  Terry Hagensee, 29.12.2015    
  An awasome gift for Xmass. Kids love it
  Grzegorz, 28.12.2015    
  Fantastic service !! But I can't find “Taiwan" in the country option. Could you please add it ? Thank you so much.
  Venson, 25.12.2015    
  Amazing service! Highly recommend!
  Inga, 23.12.2015    
  Mój syn był bardzo zaskoczony z otrzymaniu listu. Wyraz twarzy mówił wszystko :) Polecam bardzo jako prezent Świąteczny :)
  Iwona, 21.12.2015    
  Very pleased with the result, to see my daughter's face when she received the letter. Thank you.
  Carla, 19.12.2015    
  Cudowny prezent dla dziecka ,goraco polecam!!!
  Monika Waledziak, 19.12.2015    
  My children absolutely loved it, thank you.
  Sammy buck, 19.12.2015    
  this is a fantstic christmas and this is the best christmas and i love love love love love love love love love love love love love love CHRISTMAS
  nevaeh hokai, 19.12.2015    
  Witam ! Filmik od Mikolaje jest niesamowity ! Moje cieci byly szalenie zaskoczone i podekscytowane sama wiadomoscia od Sw. Mikolaja !:) To wspanialy prezent dla kazdej pociechy w sam raz na Swiwta Bozego Narodzenia ;) Polecam !
  Anna, 18.12.2015    
  Absolutely love it. Many thanks. Kind regards Greg
  greg, 17.12.2015    
  there is an awesome gift you want to give to someone
  Grzegorz, 17.12.2015    
  Super polecam :-)
  Czesława, 15.12.2015    
  I got the full package for my 2 kids n it was fantastic but the post card was contradicting coz it said that they needed to check their letters and they needed to make shore they were on the nice list but in the letter it said they were on the nice list n that santa had been watching them closely this year but besides that it was fantastic n to see my kids faces was extrodenery and it was so perfect slightly on the expensive side but when you see your child's face when it arrives n especially when you read it to them it Is definitely worth every penny so to all the perants that love to make your child extremely happy then this Christmas letter from santa is the perfect pre present you could ever give you children and the other benefits are quick delivery, it is posted from the north pole and stamped from the North Pole postal service, it is personalised with your child's full name no matter how long n ever letter is written to every child's needs so I can honestly say I give this sight 20 star's coz it is perfect but if the sight manager reads this then I would like to make a few suggestions 1: try giving different types of Christmas sticks coz using the same one the kids put one on the window n the rest went in the bin so giving different types of Christmas stickers the kids will want to put them all up coz then their all different n more personal for both the adults and children. 2: put in a small gift for example a small colouring book and crayons or a keyring with a picture of ither santa or the child you are sending it to. so it can show the children that santa knows every child. And to do this just upload a picture on the website. 3: And other gift ideas for example: small picture frames, small paper plastic airplanes, or any other small token gift. 4: write different types of postcards that doesn't contradict the letter and that sounds more like an elf has written to the child to say hi and tell them all about living in the north pole. 5: send a picture of santa and his reindeer ither in Santa's groto,flying in the sky with ither a sun set or a sun rise that will make it look more mesmerising or the classic night sky but personally I think that is over used. 6: and you could even add little or medium to large gift package's with larger gifts for example gift baskets with things like a bottle of wine, chocolates, Christmas pudding, short bread, a box of sweet treats, and Slightly bigger gifts for example keyring with pen set, diary, Small child's music set's, sticker books, reading book's, puzzles book's, a small medium or large teddy, and other gift ideas for different sized baskets and gift pack's. And with these small changes I would say you could even raise the price for the letter n all of these small changes I would pay approximately between £10.99 to £14.99 for the letter and the small treats but for a gift basket I would pay between £15.99 for the smallest and between £20.99 to £45.99 for the larger baskets depending on the number of gifts and the quality and look off the gift package's. I hope you like my review and I hope my suggestions help you go further with your company and business. Yours sincerely miss Ramsden your Christmas fan
  Samantha Ramsden, 15.12.2015    
Elfi’s response: Thanks a lot Samantha. That's a very usefull comment!
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  My kid absolutly loved the video - she watched it with open mouth. thank you for creating the magic
  Monika, 15.12.2015    
  brilliant, ingenious!!!! My son loved every minute of it!!! Funny, mysterious, magical all the way through. Customer service superb as well!!!
  Dominika, 14.12.2015    
  Bardzo dziekuję, film super jakość, polecam bardzo :)
  Aneta, 14.12.2015    
  My daughter loved the video, thank you. It would be great to get an Australian option in the country list, and could you add some names - Lu/Lulu/Luella either or all would be great
  Lisa, 14.12.2015    
  overall it was a great letter my sister was so happy to recieve it! however i have orded it in English but it came with a Polish stamp on it. My sister is Polish but we live in England, she was very confused why did it came from Poland but it was written in English.
  nat, 13.12.2015    
Elfi’s response: Dear Madam, Thank you for your opinion. Our letters are shipped from Poland; thus, they all have Polish stamps on. With my kind regards, Elfi
Merry Christmas! Elfi
  Dream are close ..2016.. Chinese new yr.
  Jim Hwai Jun, 13.12.2015    
  My kids absolutely love the video, thank you
  Sam buck, 12.12.2015    
  Moja corka nie mogla uwierzyc ze Mikolaj wie jak ma na imie!!siedziala jak na szpilkach ogladajac video! Filmik jest cudowny choc troszke bym go skrocila;)
  Monika Waledziak, 12.12.2015    
  My son loved his santa video especially when santa said his name, knew things about him and had pictures of him
  S Ruddy, 09.12.2015    
  My little boy really liked his letter , will definately use this service again .
  Diane Beard, 06.12.2015    
  Moje córeczki były szczesliwe jak pokazalam im filmik
  adriana, 06.12.2015    
  My daughter loves the video, she was so excited to see it and talks non stop about it! Worth every penny
  Claire Milburn, 04.12.2015    
  My little girl jorji loved it I'm so pleased I wrote to elfimail:-) I've framed her certificate and letter and are in proud place on the wall and will go up every year x thank you x for helping create the magic x tara
  Tara, 03.12.2015    
  Это было что-то фантастическое!!! Посмотреть на лицо моего 5-летнего сына после открытия почтового ящика и читать, что это Дед Мороз прислал ему письмо. Радость ребенка к письму была неописуемая, я записала видео, он улыбался от уха до уха - )) Супер сюрприз для наших детей!! С чистой совестью рекомендую. Сделка прошла быстро и гладко. В следующем году обязательно вернусь и повторю покупки, потому что это стоит того! Спасибо Вам большое!!!
  Елена Мулакандова, 22.11.2015    
  To niesamowita niespodzianka dla dzieciakow, moj synek byl tak zaskoczony,ze ogladal to caly cas ,po kilkanascie albo I wiecej razy dzienne. Moja 18-sto letnia corka zalowala ze takiego nie dostala jak byla mala. Ja Sama chcialabym dostac. Pieknie zrobione, dziekuje za przepiekny prezent :-*
  Magda, 20.11.2015    
  qiuck post beautyfiull video and letters thank u soo much ...
  agnieszka, 17.11.2015    
  That was a superb pre-christmas gift for my 5 year old son.Not only has he gotten to read some lines from the letter,but he has also been extra-excited about the certificate and the sticker ,too.Definitely,a bargain.I liked it,and the delivery was fast,too.
  Dalia Tamulaitytė, 17.11.2015    
  great idea and execution!!!
  Chris, 16.11.2015    
  best christmas gift ever!!! Our child was so exicited he kept on asking how Santa really knows all these things about him. Great idea!
  Veronica, 01.09.2015    
  Emozionante e meraviglioso come ogni anno ❤️
  Jessica, 20.11.2018, Bibiana    
  Pierpaolo, 20.11.2018, Ciampino    
  Rewelacyjna opcja pozwalająca budować magię świat :) dzieciaki zadowolone i zachwycone listami i filmami od Świętego Mikołaja :)
  Ania, 20.11.2018, Trojmiasto    
  Serdeczne podziękowania dla Mikołaja i wszystkich jego pomocników. Miny chłopców nie zapomnę do następnego zamówienia. Bezcenne.
  Anna, 20.11.2018, Miechów -Charsznica    
  Sehr schön gemacht, mein Kind wird begeistert sein Vielen Dank
  Julia, 20.11.2018, Hamburg    
  Już nie mogę się doczekać reakcji moich dzieci. Filmik jest przepiękny ujmując Dziękuję Elfi 😍
  Katarzyna, 20.11.2018, Wągrowiec    
  polecam każdemu rodzicowi by przygotował taki filmik. zdziwienie oraz radość -bezcenna
  Marta, 20.11.2018, Poznań    
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