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Arts & Crafts for Christmas


There is quite simply no better time than Christmas to settle down with the kids and get involved in some cosy crafts. It’s too cold and dark to play outside, the kids have a fair bit of time on their hands and chances are you’d prefer them to do something productive with it. Not only do Christmas crafts tick this particular box, but they can also produce quite charming results that add even further sparkle to an already magical time.

But if crafts at Christmas take your fancy, what kinds of crafts should you get started with?

Homemade Gifts

Well, first of all there’s the fantastic idea of homemade gifts – anything made by hand will always carry so much more sentiment. The options are endless – beaded bracelets and other jewellery, knitted gifts, painting, clay models, homemade cosmetics – all wonderfully easy to make and great for getting the kids involved. They might also save on your Christmas shopping bill, too!

Christmas Hampers

Of course, there’s always the option of going one step further and using your homemade gifts to create the most wonderful Christmas hampers. Using a basket, a box or any kind of container you like, you can get creative decorating and personalising it to transform it into something remarkable.

Edible Christmas Treats

Nothing tastes better on Christmas than the treats you make with your very own hands! Food is one of the biggest parts of Christmas and homemade edibles make the most fantastic gifts imaginable. From sumptuous truffles to classic gingerbread to mince pies to macarons, it’s an absolute joy to get stuck into from start to finish!

DIY Christmas Cards

If time permits, why not get the kids to create their own Christmas cards from scratch? It’s not only supremely enjoyable and economical, but guarantees the kind of charming and heart-warming cards you couldn’t buy for all the money in the world! Just a few basic arts and crafts supplies and away you go!

Homemade Decorations

Last but not least, it’s exactly the same when it comes to Christmas decorations too. From clay to simple card and paints, get the kids busy creating their own decorations and both your tree and home will have never felt so festive!

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